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CAST AI automates Kubernetes cost, performance, and security management in one platform, achieving over 60% cost savings for its users.

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CAST AI has been featured on leading media, such as TechCrunch, Protocol, The Register, SiliconAngle, to name a few.

Users love CAST AI on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2

“CAST AI is a good product because it offers features that aren’t available in most node autoscalers on the market. I think its autoscaling capabilities can make a real difference to an e-commerce company.”

“CAST AI takes advantage of cloud-native technologies, containerization and Kubernetes to break the proprietary barriers that exist between clouds.”

“The good thing about using AI in cloud automation is that it can make decisions based on somewhat correlated variables with a limited amount of information.”

“CAST AI is one of the few vendors to view and automatically reduce cloud costs, adding that it has the ability to optimize cloud-native apps across providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.”

“CAST AI uses artificial intelligence to identify which compute resources are needed for specific Kubernetes workloads and automatically selects the best combinations, configuring CPUs and memory to prevent over-provisioning. It continuously adds or removes resources as needed, ensuring customers aren’t overspending without compromising workload availability or performance.”

“Independent analyst Clive Longbottom told us that a monitoring and automated management system such as CAST AI makes a great deal of sense.”

“CAST AI relies on machine learning algorithms to make sure requested and provisioned CPUs remain synchronized over time to minimize overprovisioning.”

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Partner FAQ

For any other questions, feel welcome to reach out to our team.

What is the process for signing up as a partner?

Please fill out the form below and one of our partner executives will contact you to help you understand the various partner programmes we offer and help you choose the best option for your company.

Is there a fee associated with becoming a partner?

There are no fees associated with becoming a CAST AI partner.

What type of training and support do partners receive?

We provide our IT sales partners with a variety of training and support options, including webinars, in-person training, product demonstrations, and technical documentation. Our partner programme also provides access to marketing and sales resources, as well as ongoing support from our dedicated partner team.

What is the commission structure for partners?

The exact details of how we offer commission to a partner will depend on the specific terms of the partnership agreement and the type of business involved. Generally speaking, commission can be offered in the form of a percentage of sales, a flat fee for each successful sale, or a combination of both.

How does the company support its partners in selling its products?

CAST AI assists its partners in selling its products by providing training, marketing materials, sales support, and technical assistance. Partners can gain access to product information and marketing materials, as well as assistance with demo requests and technical support from our specialised support teams. Additionally, CAST AI provides partner incentives such as discounts, free trials, and other promotions. In addition, CAST AI can provide business development resources to partners, such as lead generation, market intelligence, and competitive analysis.

What are the benefits of partnering with your company?

CAST AI Cost Monitoring & Real Time Cost Optimisation is a market-leading product that is preferred by the majority of industry customers. Customers frequently choose CAST AI because it has been proven to be the most dependable, cost-effective product with the highest ROI. CAST AI has a plethora of features and is frequently regarded as the market standard for other products.

CAST AI also has an aggressive and innovative roadmap in place to ensure that new ideas and products are developed as quickly as possible.

CAST AI can also assist your company in gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors.

What are the requirements for becoming a partner?

There are different requirements for becoming a partner depending on the type of partner you want to be. In general, partners must have a thorough understanding of our business and our products or services, demonstrate a commitment to the company’s mission, have the necessary technical and business skills and resources, and attempt to provide a measurable return on investment.

We strongly advise you to submit a request to become a partner and speak with our team, who can provide you with the best and most appropriate guidance on how your company can be a successful CAST AI partner.

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Users love CAST AI on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2

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