Cut your Google Cloud bill in half

Connect your GKE cluster to see how much you can save, monitor your cloud costs, and reduce expenses automatically within minutes.

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How the Social Giant ShareChat Plans to Save Millions While Reducing Engineer Effort With CAST AI

“We don’t spend time worrying about Kubernetes node pools and underlying resources anymore since we moved to CAST AI. The cluster scales up and down with the right optimized configuration when needed, ultimately saving Sharechat millions in our Kubernetes infrastructure.”

Jenson C S, Engineering Manager at Sharechat

Squeeze more out of each dollar spent on Google Cloud

Fully integrated with Google Cloud Marketplace, CAST AI accelerates your cloud adoption, simplifies procurement, and reduces your ongoing Kubernetes costs.

Comprehensive Kubernetes automation

Automate cloud spend optimization to save resources and engineer time.

Predictable performance and costs

Build a cost-efficient and scalable infrastructure with an optimal cost-performance ratio.

Cost monitoring and reporting

View and monitor all your GKE cluster costs in real time to understand where they come from.

Optimize your GKE infrastructure in 3 steps

Find CAST AI on GCP Marketplace and start cutting your costs immediately. Here’s how it works:


Connect your GKE cluster, detect and analyze all workloads, and fully understand your cloud cost allocation and the most impactful improvements.

Get optimized

Achieve the best cost to performance ratio with minutes by letting CAST AI select the optimal cloud resource combination for your cluster.

Stay optimized

Remain in control 24/7. Monitor your cloud costs while the platform autoscales, rightsizes, and uses Spot VMs based on the policies you set and fully control.

Find new sources of savings. Fast and for free.

Right after signing up for CAST AI, you get three powerful cloud cost management tools – free of charge and without limits.

Cost monitoring & reporting
Available savings report
Kubernetes security report

Get near real-time cost reporting and use it without limits on the number of clusters or access to historical data.

Get cluster-specific optimization insights – all you need to do is connect your cluster, and CAST AI will analyze it automatically.

Access key security performance insights on a user-friendly dashboard with simple visualizations. Check historical trends related to configuration and security issues divided by their severity.

Cost management for Kubernetes on Google Cloud

Optimizing your GKE costs doesn’t have to be a drag – let automation take these tasks off your team’s plate.

Advanced autoscaling

Depending on your workload’s needs, CAST AI adds and removes new nodes and other resources necessary to ensure top performance at the best price.

Spot VM automation

Save up to 91% with Spot VMs – and have your workloads moved automatically and gracefully on their termination.


Get workload-specific resource suggestions and act on them – without the risks of under and overprovisioning.

Instant rebalancing

Optimize your GKE cluster automatically and enjoy improved performance at a far lower cost.

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Stop wasting engineer time – cut your cloud bill with automation

Never let optimizing your EKS costs become a drag – automation can take entire groups of tasks off your team’s plate.