The Spot Instance Availability Map enables DevOps teams to assess the risks associated with using Spot instances in specific AWS, Azure, and GCP regions and availability zones

CAST AI, the leading Kubernetes automation platform, today introduced the Spot Instance Availability Map, a global heat map that showcases Spot instance availability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness across different AWS, Azure, and GCP regions and availability zones.

Despite the potential to cut compute costs by up to 90 percent, many companies are reluctant to use Spot instances due to concerns over their perceived instability. Cloud providers can reclaim these instances with minimal notice — 2 minutes on AWS and just 30 seconds on Azure and GCP.

“Organizations looking at Spot instances often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place: slash cloud expenses and brace for potential outages, or shell out more budget for peace of mind,” said CAST AI Co-Founder and CTO Leon Kuperman. “However, this apparent catch-22 is actually a myth, born from the outdated practice of manually juggling Spot instances — an approach no longer tenable for human operators. The key to cracking Spot instance management is equipping your Kubernetes clusters with smart automation and savvy decision-making algorithms.”

The Spot Instance Availability Map helps DevOps teams more accurately assess the risks of using Spot instances across different locations. Teams searching for innovative ways to optimize their cloud costs without compromising performance and uptime can use the map’s insights to identify Spot instance regions and availability zones that are available, stable, and cost-effective.

For teams seeking more cost savings and efficiency, CAST AI’s platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms that automatically manage the mix of instance types and purchasing options — which include on-demand, reserved, and Spot instances — based on cost, availability, and workload requirements. The platform automatically falls back to on-demand instances when there are Spot instance interruptions, maintaining performance.  

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CAST AI is the leading Kubernetes automation platform that cuts AWS, Azure, and GCP customers’ cloud costs by over 50%. CAST AI goes beyond monitoring clusters and making recommendations. The platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and automatically optimize clusters in real time, reducing customers’ cloud costs, improving performance and security, and boosting DevOps and engineering productivity.

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