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Get CAST AI on Google Cloud Marketplace

Access all CAST AI plans on GCP Marketplace, streamline your billing and save over 60% off your Kubernetes costs.

Get K8s cost optimization ideas

Get specific optimization recommendations for your cluster and save 60% or more.

Consolidate your GCP billing

Eliminate the need to sign new contracts and streamline your GCP billing.

Monitor costs 24/7

View all K8s costs in one place, monitor them in real time, and understand where they come from.

Boost your container security

See all config issues, prioritize them, and check your security posture against industry standards.

// key features

Kubernetes optimization right off Google Cloud Marketplace

Enhance Kubernetes management with features available directly from the GCP marketplace.

Cloud cost optimization

CAST AI continuously analyzes and optimizes compute resources. Connect your cluster, see suggested recommendations, and implement them automatically for immediate cost reduction.

Kubernetes cost monitoring

Have a quick or in-depth look into your cluster costs. Divide expenses by tags, namespaces, workloads, and more.

Container security

Identify Kubernetes workload security issues including public image vulnerabilities, arranged and presented in order of priority.

Trusted by engineering and finance teams worldwide

// key features

All you need for top cluster performance at the best price

Full cost visibility

Benefit from CAST AI’s universal metrics to better analyze and forecast expenses for projects, clusters, and deployments.

Affordable scalability

Flexibly scale your infrastructure up and down as needed without breaking the bank and adding work for engineers.

Cost reporting for K8s

Break costs down by native Kubernetes concepts instead of working with insufficient data.

AI-driven instance selection

Whenever your cluster needs extra nodes, CAST AI’s algorithm chooses the best instance to meet the app’s requirements at a minimum cost.


SOC 2-certified CAST AI gets you custom cost reports and recommendations without forcing you to disclose sensitive data.

Live support

It’s not a bot! CAST AI is easy to use, but if anything goes wrong, a real human support engineer will answer your questions.

// questions & answers


For any other questions, feel welcome to reach out to our team.

What CAST AI pricing is available through GCP Marketplace?

When using Google Cloud Marketplace, you can access all CAST AI plans and private offers that may be available to you, incl. adjusted or discounted rates.

Can I change plans while being billed through Google Cloud Marketplace?

Yes. However, if your plan is still active, you must stop it manually, and this step will require contacting the GCP marketplace operations team.

Do I need a GCP marketplace account for this?

You need a GCP account with rights to make purchases in Google Cloud Marketplace.

Where will I see how much I’m being charged for CAST AI?

This fee will show as a separate item on your monthly GCP invoice, apart from the standard usage fees for the Google Cloud resources that you use.

Follow this link to read more about billing on Google Cloud Marketplace.

I’m already a CAST AI user but want to switch to billing on Google Cloud Marketplace. How do I do that?

Please get in touch with our sales team if you wish to switch to GCP billing.

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Start for free. No strings attached

Access key Kubernetes management features, incl. available savings report, cost monitoring, automated optimization, and container security insights – all within minutes of signing up.

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