#1 Cloud cost management platform for Cybersecurity companies

Security companies use CAST AI to manage their Kubernetes clusters automatically. Why do we speak the same language? Security is the backbone of CAST AI. Our founders have a strong background and years of experience in cybersecurity.

We are ISO 27001 and SOC 2-certified to help you manage and reduce Kubernetes costs securely and transparently. CAST AI provides configuration recommendations and vulnerability scans to make your optimization journey even safer.

Surfshark uses CAST AI to reduce its
cloud bill dramatically

IronNet automated deployment for a dramatic speed increase

CTI aced autoscaling and achieved massive savings with CAST AI

CAST AI is a result of a cloud industry problem

Hear it from the founders. The platform, its backstory
and the benefits it can bring to your cybersecurity business.

Features our Cybersecurity customers use to succeed

Our founders have previously led cybersecurity companies and know what’s at stake. That’s why we bring our selection of cost management and optimization features boosted with a solid security background – and extra security insights to improve your infrastructure even more.

Security expertise

We hold ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certifications to ensure our Kubernetes cost management features meet the strictest requirements.

Security insights

Leverage our Kubernetes configuration recommendations and vulnerability check to fix issues fast, prioritization included.

Change management logs

CAST AI uses Terraform provider with full visibility and logs, allowing you to track all the changes happening across your clusters.

Other features CAST AI users benefit from

Real-time autoscaling

Our platform scales applications up and down based on actual resource usage, provisioning the just-in-time capacity your workloads need.

AI-driven instance selection

CAST AI selects the best instance types and sizes to meet your application’s requirements at the lowest possible price.

Spot instance automation

We handle spot instance provisioning for your workloads. There is no need to pick instance types or configure anything; CAST AI does that for you.

Spot fallback

Our spot instance automation keeps your workloads running even when no spot instances are available by switching to on-demand.

Cost monitoring and reporting

Our platform uses universal metrics to help you analyze and forecast your costs per project, cluster, and deployment.

No vendor lock-in

CAST AI is vendor-neutral and selects the optimal solution for your cluster without forcing you into any long-term commitments.

Customer stories

These companies saved 50%+ on cloud costs using CAST AI.

CTI was looking to automate the process of scaling cloud resources up and down in line with application demand to strike a balance between cost and performance without engineers having to scale manually. The company ran the CAST AI Savings report, discovered a high level of potential savings, and implemented automated cluster optimization for a smooth transition into a fully-automated optimized state.

Do you spend $1 million on the cloud? You can now reclaim $500k and use it to grow your Cybersecurity business.