Measurable $avings from day one

Find new efficiencies and cut your cloud bill with all CAST AI plans. We don’t charge % of your savings.

Available via GCP, AWS and Azure marketplaces


Get unlimited Kubernetes monitoring and cost reduction insights.


per month. No CC required.

What’s included:


Get cloud savings with automated optimization.


per month



per CPU

CPU count after optimization

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Intelligent up & down scaling
  • Rebalancing
  • Spot instance automation with fallback
  • Stable & predictable cloud costs
  • Organizational level security

Growth PRO

Unlock a higher optimization level for your K8s clusters.


per month



per CPU

CPU count after optimization

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Dedicated support (Weekdays)


Optimize your cloud costs with all the enterprise-level comforts.

Contact Us

for pricing

Everything in Growth PRO, plus:

  • Enterprise SSO
  • First class onboarding
  • Multi-team support
  • Platinum support 24/7
  • Slack Connect chat

Price per CPU is charged after optimizing. For example, if we reduce 1000 CPUs to 400 CPUs, the price will be calculated by reduced number of 400 CPUs.

  • Usage

    • CPU

      Total number of CPUs across all clusters connected to CAST AI cost optimizer

    • Cluster Insights & Monitoring
    • Up to 500 CPU
    • Up to 2000 CPU
    • Unlimited
    • Clusters

    • Cluster Insights & Monitoring
    • Up to 4 clusters
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
  • General

    • Actionable cost recommendations

    • Unlimited savings reports

    • EKS, GKE, kOps, AKS clusters

    • Cluster metrics & logging

  • Automation features

    • Instant Rebalancing

      The right nodes, size, and cost. We will take your cluster to an ideal state in minutes. Automatically.

    • Real time up & down autoscaling

      CAST AI will seamlessly autoscale instances in real time based on actual workload requirements.

    • Spot instance automation with fallback

      Reliable spot instance automation that saves and keeps your workloads running upon termination.

    • Cost visibility at every level

      Track costs the way you like. CAST AI supports Prometheus and has an in-product dashboard.

    • Cluster scheduling

      Pause your clusters on a time schedule to save even more on dev clusters.

  • Reporting & Monitoring

    • Red Hat OpenShift

    • Try for free
    • Contact our team for pricing
    • Available Savings Report

    • Cost Reporting per Namespaces

    • Cost Reporting per Workloads

    • Data retention (Unlimited)

      Subject to terms of fair use

    • Security report

      Checks of your cluster’s security misconfigurations and DevOps best practices and Public Image vulnerabilities reporting based on the cluster read-only data. Support for this service is only available during working hours.

    • Limited view of Best Practice checks
  • Support

    • Community support

    • Live chat support

    • Dedicated Support (Weekdays)

    • Platinum Support (24/7)

    • Multi-team support

    • Slack Connect chat

  • Onboarding

    • Self-onboarding

    • Dedicated onboarding session

    • First-Class onboarding & training

    • Enterprise SSO

// ROI calculator

Calculate your ROI with CAST AI

Compare your current costs with estimates based on data from similar clusters.


Current monthly cost



No. of managed CPUs



Actual savings may vary.

Savings %


Monthly savings




Yearly savings


CAST AI cost



CPUs after optimization



Cost of managed CPUs




Platform fee

(Growth PRO)



Optimal plan for you

Growth PRO

Discuss your Enterprise plan price with our team.
We will find a solution based on your optimization needs. 

// get started

Proof of Concept in 5 days

CAST AI starts saving the moment you onboard. Complete your PoC in days, not months and get an ROI report right after.

Trusted by engineering and finance teams worldwide

// questions & answers

Product pricing FAQ

For any other questions, feel welcome to reach out to our team.

How does Free Plan work?

Our free plan is the fastest way to start saving on your cloud costs, no matter how big your current use is. 

Once you sign up, you get access to robust tools. Equipped with an analysis of your cluster’s actual needs and real-time cloud cost monitoring, you can begin implementing changes to improve your cost-performance ratio. 

The free plan also includes security insights to improve your cluster configuration and health.

Is a credit card required for Free Plan?

No, you don’t need a credit card to use our free tools. Sign up, connect your cluster, and you’re ready to enjoy CAST AI!

What is CAST AI Growth Plan?

Apart from all the free features, this premium plan provides powerful cloud automation features – instant rebalancing, autoscaling, and spot instance automation. 

As a result, you can implement all necessary improvements quickly and effortlessly to generate savings and permanently improve your cost predictability. 

The plan also includes live chat support options and is available for up to 4 clusters and 500 CPUs.

How does the Enterprise Plan work?

This plan is perfect for the most demanding businesses looking for unlimited cloud cost and security optimizations. 

It provides your team access to all the tools included in the other plans, first-class onboarding, and 24/7 multi-team support. 

Enterprise Plan comes without limits on the number of clusters and CPUs.

Can I switch from one plan to another?

Yes, of course. Please get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to support you.

Are there any limitations to how I use my Free Plan?

No, you can use our savings insights and cost reporting without limits on the number or size of your clusters. 

You can choose if you want to implement optimization recommendations manually or automatically – in the latter, you can select one of our premium plans.

What platform does CAST AI support?

CAST AI supports teams running Kubernetes on AWS/EKS, Azure/AKS, GCP/GKE, and kOps/AWS.

What is Growth PRO Plan?

This premium plan lets you discover new savings and implement changes automatically while offering dedicated onboarding and more support options along the way. 

Growth PRO is available for unlimited clusters and 2,000 CPUs.

How does the CAST AI pricing model work?

In all CAST AI plans, we always charge you based on your actual use of compute. 

That means there is no need to anticipate your future spending or calculate savings to know how much CAST AI will cost you. 

Each plan comes with a fixed basis and an agreed rate per CPU.

// let’s chat

Not sure which plan to choose?

No worries! We’re here to support you. Let’s talk about your needs and find the right plan for your team.

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