Multiple clouds.
One cluster.
All the benefits combined.

Start with one or multiple clouds and we will help you cost-optimize, auto-scale, down-scale, secure, troubleshoot and get all the benefits from multiple cloud providers in a single logical setup.

How does it work?

Create K8s cluster

Select one or multiple clouds, and create your cluster in 10 minutes or less.

Deploy your app

Just deploy your ML model, e-commerce store, or any other application.

Enjoy all the benefits

Take advantage of the benefits brought by all the cloud providers in one logical setup.


This could be the final step that unlocks the full potential of K8s.

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CAST AI features

Run your cluster on multi-cloud

You can run your Kubernetes containers on any mix of cloud services simultaneously. Stretch your clusters across AWS, Azure, Oracle and Google Cloud Platform at the same time.

Cost optimization

Cut your compute bill up to 50%. We will help balance the costs and performance of cloud services. You will be able to move seamlessly between cloud services to unlock the price and performance options.

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Easy management

The simpliest multi-cloud optimization platform in the world. Period. Share workloads between multiple cloud providers and manage everything as you see fit by looking at cluster and application metrics, events, performance and more.

Compare cloud price

Use our cloud cost calculator to learn how much it would cost to run your resources on different clouds.

Our innovation is getting recognized

451 Research


CAST AI seems to have, rather uniquely, understood and captured the essential power and promise of Kubernetes. Its primary mission is to deliver instant cross-cloud capability while optimizing cloud cost and performance. It has optimization and arbitrage smarts – Kubernetes provides the management platform, enabling it to deploy in many places.

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CAST AI platform is compatible with the most popular cloud providers


Soon, all senior developers will have to deploy and manage their applications in the cloud. But today, this has become ridiculously complex, expensive, and monopolized by a small group of industry players.

Cloud optimization should be easier than that. Going multi-cloud should be effortless. Finding the best combination of price and performance should happen automatically.

We are building CAST AI to free developers from the countless manual tasks for cloud setup maintenance. We want to give them negotiating power when dealing with cloud service vendors.

But to achieve that, we need your help. Join our community, share your insight, and build the future of multi-cloud with us.

- CAST AI, Founding Engineers

All the benefits from all cloud providers in one simple setup.
Start multi-cloud now.