#1 Cloud cost management platform for Adtech companies

If you’re running an Adtech business, you’re likely operating on a massive scale: millions of clicks, billions of impressions, and huge traffic peaks. CAST AI helps engineering teams to manage their cloud automatically and reduce cloud costs by millions.

We have the fastest autoscaler on the market that provisions just-in-time cloud capacity to help you deliver a great experience, whether it’s sending millions of emails or processing thousands of user messages at the same time.

Branch saved millions of dollars on its cloud bill while maintaining high reliability

Iterable implemented CAST AI and saved $3M on Amazon EKS

OpenX saw great cloud cost savings without any extra engineering work

CAST AI is a result of a cloud industry problem

Hear it from the founders. The platform, its backstory
and the benefits it can bring to your adtech business.

Features our Adtech customers use to succeed

Adtech companies operate on a massive scale, with millions of users sending data in real-time. Kubernetes offers great autoscaling mechanisms, but we thought you deserved something a little extra to become a leader in your field.

Real-time autoscaling

CAST AI scales applications based on actual usage, provisioning the just-in-time capacity your application needs.

Open to open source

We play well with open-source solutions like Horizontal Pod Autoscaler, KEDA, and other projects that focus on autoscaling.

AI-driven instance selection

Our platform picks the best instance types and sizes to meet your application’s requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Other features CAST AI users benefit from

Bin packing nodes

Our autoscaler uses bin packing algorithms to identify the most optimal pod groupings and reduce your cluster cost.

Spot instance automation

We handle spot instance provisioning for you. No need to pick instance types or configure anything; CAST AI does that for you.

Spot fallback

Our spot instance automation keeps your workloads running even when all spot instances are gone by switching to on-demand.

Cost monitoring and reporting

CAST AI uses universal metrics to help you analyze and forecast your budget per project, cluster, and deployment.

No vendor lock-in

Our platform is vendor-neutral and chooses the optimal solution for your cluster without forcing you into any long-term commitments.

Change management logs

We use Terraform provider with full visibility and logs, enabling you to track all the changes happening across your clusters.

Security insights

Get all the key cloud security insights in one place, prioritize configuration issues and vulnerabilities, and share your findings easily.

Customer stories

These companies saved 50%+ on cloud costs using CAST AI.

A man smiling in front of a tree with cloud automation.
Mark Weiler
SVP Engineering at Branch

“Partnering with CAST AI has been a big success for Branch, saving us several millions of dollars per year in AWS Cloud compute costs for our Kubernetes clusters while maintaining our reliability SLAs.”

A man in a suit and tie smiles for the camera at an Adtech conference.
Jason Sanghi
Staff Software Engineer, SRE at Iterable

“People running Kubernetes clusters that don’t utilize spot instances would benefit a lot from CAST AI – or anyone who feels like they’re overprovisioning their infra when they don’t need to be so. It’s a really unique solution.”

Do you spend $1 million on the cloud? You can now reclaim $500k and use it to grow your Adtech business.