All Cloud Security Insights For K8s In One Place

Get all the key cloud security insights in one place, prioritize configuration issues and vulnerabilities, and share your findings easily.

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Improve K8s configuration

Check your cluster for issues and get guidelines for fixing them.

Vulnerability checks

Scan your cluster for vulnerabilities and instantly see the available fixes.

Speed up prioritization

Get a list of issues prioritized by criticality in your system.


Get checks no matter the cloud platform on which you’re running.

Kubernetes security features every team needs

Improve your security posture by addressing your cluster security and optimization needs in one place.

K8s configuration checks
Cluster vulnerability assessment
Intelligent prioritization
Executive overview
Easy access

Check if your cluster is configured in line with industry best practices, Kubernetes recommendations, and security system benchmarks. You will get a prioritized list of issues to get started right away.

Scan your clusters for security vulnerabilities and get a prioritized list of issues. You will see issues with the largest attack surface in the system at the top, together with information on available fixes.

For both configuration and security checks, CAST AI generates a prioritized list of issues to take care of and simplifies your analysis and prioritization effort. Information about the available fixes will make your team even more efficient.

Access key security performance insights on a user-friendly dashboard with simple visualizations. Check historical trends related to configuration and security issues divided by their severity.

No need to take any extra actions to get your hands on K8s security insights. All it takes is onboarding your cluster to CAST for the platform’s core cost optimization module.

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All you need for cluster health and security

Help your development and security teams collaborate and get all the key insights in a single place.

SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified

CAST AI holds SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, optimizing Kubernetes clusters without forcing you to disclose sensitive data.

Used by cybersecurity leaders

CAST AI founders have a strong background in cybersecurity and understand the security requirements of companies across every sector, including cybersecurity.

No surprises at deployment

CAST AI gathers cluster data and analyzes it continuously, so you won’t get any nasty surprises when pushing applications into your Kubernetes clusters.

Easy to understand metrics

Our executive overview dashboard provides a glimpse into your current and historical performance in solving the detected issues in your clusters.

Two reports in one place

Get both configuration and security reports in a single place, available to both security and development teams.

CAST AI - Built For Business Leaders

Get Your Cluster Security Insights

All it takes is connecting your cluster and the security report will be generated in a few minutes. Completely free for all of your clusters.

CAST AI - Built For Developers

Read More in our Docs

Read more about how it works in the CAST AI documentation and be sure that it covers your usecase.