#1 Cloud cost management platform for Fintech companies

When Fintech met FinOps, they fell in love. Fintech companies use CAST AI to reduce cloud costs and deliver outstanding investment, insurance, or financial planning solutions – without any extra engineering effort.

No need to manage your Kubernetes cluster capacity anymore; CAST AI takes care of that along with enterprise-grade security and full tracking transparency for compliance.

Delio simplified its Kubernetes management and saved engineering resources

ZestMoney greatly reduced cloud costs
without compromising stability

CAST AI is a result of a cloud industry problem

Hear it from the founders. The platform, its backstory
and the benefits it can bring to your fintech business.

Features our Fintech customers use to succeed

Fintech companies need to strike a balance between performance and security, operating in like with regulations from GDPR to PSD2. CAST AI helps to achieve that by locking cluster management and cost optimization features in a fully secure and transparent solution that helps businesses achieve compliance while optimizing their cloud spend.

Cost monitoring and reporting

We expose all metrics for you to scrape via Prometheus and integrate them into your operational tooling for full transparency.

Real-time autoscaling

Our platform scales applications based on the actual real-time usage, provisioning the just-in-time capacity your workloads need.

Enterprise-grade security

CAST AI implements segregation of duties and security via a role-based access model to keep your cluster insights safe.

Other features CAST AI users benefit from

Change management logs

We use Terraform provider with full visibility and logs, enabling you to track all the changes happening across your clusters.

AI-driven instance selection

We select the best instance types and sizes to meet your application’s requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Bin packing nodes

CAST AI’s autoscaler uses bin packing algorithms to identify the most optimal pod groupings and slash your cluster cost.

Spot instance automation

Our platform handles spot instance provisioning for you. No need to pick instance types or configure anything; CAST AI takes care of it all.

Spot fallback

We will keep your workloads running even when all spot instances are no longer available by switching to on-demand.

No vendor lock-in

CAST AI is vendor-neutral and chooses the optimal solution for your cluster without forcing you into any long-term commitments.

Security insights

Get all the key cloud security insights in one place, prioritize configuration issues and vulnerabilities, and share your findings easily.

Customer stories

These companies saved 50%+ on cloud costs using CAST AI.

A delio man in a plaid shirt.
Alex Le Peltier
Head of Technology Operations at Delio

“Managing multiple clusters and growth for new clients while keeping costs as low as possible is tricky. CAST AI fits that use case nicely. I can see it working in pretty much any organization that uses Kubernetes.”

Do you spend $1 million on the cloud? You can now reclaim $500k and use it to grow your Fintech business.