#1 Cloud cost management platform for E-commerce companies

E-commerce and retail companies use CAST AI to manage their cloud resources automatically. You can now achieve high availability and no-risk production while reducing your cloud bill because CAST AI is here to slash your costs and increase gross margins, saving weeks of engineering work.

No need to change your applications to reduce costs; you can get started right away and optimize your cluster in a few minutes automatically.

The French e-commerce startup reduced reduced its AWS bill by 69.9%

The e-commerce agency automated deployment for a dramatic speed increase

The solutions provider uses CAST AI to achieve massive cost savings

CAST AI is a result of a cloud industry problem

Hear it from the founders. The platform, its backstory
and the benefits it can bring to your e-commerce business.

Features our E-commerce customers use to succeed

Downtime is the worst nightmare of every e-commerce business. Scratch that. Downtime at peak traffic times like Black Friday is. But it doesn’t have to be. CAST AI takes care of your Kubernetes clusters, ensuring they always have a place to run to help you deliver a fantastic customer experience.

Instant cluster optimization

We replace suboptimal nodes with new ones and move all the workloads automatically to help you reach an optimal state.

Eliminating cloud waste

CAST AI compacts your pods into fewer nodes to create empty nodes that be removed for a significantly lower bill – at zero downtime.

Real-time autoscaling

We scale your applications based on their real-time usage, provisioning the just-in-time capacity your workloads need.

Other features CAST AI users benefit from

AI-driven instance selection

CAST AI selects the best instance types and sizes to meet your requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Cost monitoring and reporting

We use universal metrics to help you analyze and forecast costs per project, cluster, and deployment.

Bin packing nodes

Our autoscaler uses bin packing algorithms to find the most optimal pod groupings and reduce your cluster cost.

Spot instance automation

Massive cost savings are now within your reach with spot instance automation. We provision spot instances for you – no need to configure anything or pick instances yourself.

Spot fallback

CAST AI keeps your workloads running even when no spot instances are available by switching to on-demand.

No vendor lock-in

Our platform is vendor-neutral and selects the optimal solution for your cluster without forcing you into any long-term commitments.

Security insights

Get all the key cloud security insights in one place, prioritize configuration issues and vulnerabilities, and share your findings easily.

Customer stories

These companies saved 50%+ on cloud costs using CAST AI.

Martin Le Guillou
CTO at La Fourche

Getting to those savings was super simple. First, we installed the CAST AI agent that went over our setup and gave us recommendations. Back then, the solution didn’t include the automatic optimization feature yet, so we implemented the suggestions manually and waited for results. Next month, our bill was $3k lower.

A photo of a man smiling in black and white.
Cameron Dixon
Software Architect at SnowCommerce

“Moving to Kubernetes with CAST AI was incredibly efficient. We identified the project that we wanted to do first and set up the dev environment. In three days, we were already testing Kubernetes and smoothly moved to the production environment.”

Do you spend $1 million on the cloud? You can now reclaim $500k and use it to grow your E-commerce business.