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What others are saying about CAST AI

Pelado Nerd

All of us know that cloud bills could go up and up until it's too late. CAST AI helps you to save money on your cloud bill and keep it as low as possible. You can start saving up to 90% of your cloud bill in less than 15 minutes. Impresionante!

TechWorld with Nana

CAST AI optimization algorithm is always looking for opportunities to replace VM nodes with less expensive alternatives. It uses Kubernetes to create a single cluster spinning multiple clouds. CAST AI is breaking the walls that cloud providers build to lock you in.

Be A Better Dev

CAST AI is a company that specializes in cost reduction and DevOps tools for Your Kubernetes workloads. The service uses artificial intelligence to handle pod autoscaling, instance type shuffling and other techniques that are focused on lowering your cloud bill 50 to 90 percent.


If you are looking for a powerful platform that optimizes your cloud computing costs:

“You should try CAST AI”


CAST AI is a machine learning-powered cloud optimization platform that analyzes millions of data points, always looking for the optimal balance of high performance at the lowest cost. Platform delivers a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for every Kubernetes workload.

Mohit Bajaj @ Simplex Services
Executive Director, Strategy & Consulting

We are pleased to partner with CAST AI and support our clients by providing them with the best cloud cost and performance optimization solutions.

Gustavo Brey @ Ingenia
Co-Founder & CGO

With CAST AI, we could enable our customers with cross-cloud capabilities to optimize their cloud spendings without compromises in performance.

Alan Dumas @ Red River

Many of our customers are telling us that multi-cloud has become a core strategy to avoid vendor lock-in, reduce cloud costs, and diversify cloud providers. Now they can finally control their cloud costs in a single platform.

Ryan Upton

Working directly with CAST AI has been instrumental not only in getting things set up but also continuously reinforcing the positive vibe around the new Kubernetes implementation. CAST AI gave us better visibility into our cloud resources and left us feeling in control.

Martin Le Guillou @ La Fourche

CAST AI is a good product because it offers features that aren’t available in most node autoscalers on the market. I think its autoscaling capabilities can make a real difference to an e-commerce company.

Cameron Dixon @ Snow Commerce
Software Architect

CAST AI was a breeze - the team has outstanding expertise in this area and provided lots of helpful suggestions. I’ve already recommended CAST AI to engineers working in other companies.

Meet our leadership

The same people who have built successful global companies before now here to advance the cloud

Yuri Frayman CAST AI

Yuri Frayman

Co-founder & CEO

Leon Kuperman CAST AI

Leon Kuperman

Co-founder & CTO

Laurent Gil CAST AI

Laurent Gil

Co-founder & CPO

Austeja Zymantaite CAST AI

Austeja Zymantaite


Viktorija Pajarske CAST AI

Viktorija Pajarske

VP of Marketing

Augustinas Stirbis CAST AI

Augustinas Stirbis


Marius Jurkstas CAST AI

Marius Jurkstas

Product Management

Marius Jurkstas CAST AI

Gabriele Ignataviciene

Head of UX

Phil Andrews III CAST AI

Phil Andrews III

VP of Customer Success

Vilius Zukauskas CAST AI

Vilius Zukauskas

Operations, Head of CAST AI Baltic

CAST AI is a team of
passionate cloud experts.

Driven by a vision of decentralizing the cloud industry, empowering innovators to build future-ready products.

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Core values

A brighter future of cloud computing is only one part of what drives our team forward. These are the core values that hold use all together.

Develop Best Icon

Develop the best

Be curious and improve continuously to foster personal development and professional growth.

Open Minded Icon

Be open minded

Constantly welcome new ideas and opinions. Share insights responsibly with unwavering openness, honesty and respect.

Customer Obssesion Icon

Customer obsession

The customer is always always always first. Solve a customer's problem, be open to feedback, act on it and the rest will come together.

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Take ownership, never kick the can, and drive things forward. The company is in your hands.

CAST AI Team at the beach

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