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Our story (so far)

We started CAST AI out of personal frustration. We had just sold our previous startup (Zenedge, acquired by Oracle in 2018), and one of the aspects of that business was the massive growth of our cloud bill.

We couldn’t stop thinking, “There must be a way to fix this once and for all!” So, we decided to build a platform that would allow companies to automatically optimize and reduce their cloud costs, without any manual intervention. And that’s how CAST AI was born. We built the platform for every cloud-native company out there.

Leon, Laurent, and Yuri
Co-Founders of CAST AI

  • Millions of dollars saved for clients
  • Reduced cloud waste by 40%
  • First Kubernetes automation platform
  • AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud integrations
Users love CAST AI on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Small-Business Cloud Cost Management on G2

Our core values

A brighter future of cloud computing is only one of the missions driving our team forward. These are the core values that hold us all together.

Practice customer obsession

Focus on the customer journey and work backwards. Strive to deliver customer value and continuously solve customer problems. Listen to customer feedback, act, and iterate to improve customer experience.


Take ownership and lead through action. Think and act on behalf of the entire company to build long-term value across team boundaries.

Develop and hire the best

Strive to raise the performance bar by continuously investing in yourself, the team and by hiring the best possible candidates for every position. Drive towards personal development and professional growth, and mentor others to raise the collective bar.

Expect and advocate change

Strive to innovate and accept the inevitable change that comes with innovation. Constantly welcome new ideas and opinions. Share insights responsibly with unwavering openness, honesty, and respect. Once a path is chosen, be ready to disagree and commit to a direction.

CAST AI in the media
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“CAST AI is one of the few vendors to view and automatically reduce cloud costs, adding that it has the ability to optimize cloud-native apps across providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.”

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“CAST AI uses artificial intelligence to identify which compute resources are needed for specific Kubernetes workloads and automatically selects the best combinations, configuring CPUs and memory to prevent over-provisioning. It continuously adds or removes resources as needed, ensuring customers aren’t overspending without compromising workload availability or performance.”

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“Independent analyst Clive Longbottom told us that a monitoring and automated management system such as CAST AI makes a great deal of sense.”

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“CAST AI relies on machine learning algorithms to make sure requested and provisioned CPUs remain synchronized over time to minimize overprovisioning.”

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“CAST AI is a good product because it offers features that aren’t available in most node autoscalers on the market. I think its autoscaling capabilities can make a real difference to an e-commerce company.”

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“CAST AI takes advantage of cloud-native technologies, containerization and Kubernetes to break the proprietary barriers that exist between clouds.”

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“The good thing about using AI in cloud automation is that it can make decisions based on somewhat correlated variables with a limited amount of information.”

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“CAST AI has a right product at the right time, as organizations begin to weigh the cost of public cloud and look for ways to optimize their cloud spending budgets. ”

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“The first step in getting value from CAST AI’s solution is a detailed analysis of resource utilization which is followed by completely automated processes for optimization and, ensuring that the environment stays optimized.”

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“To ensure that the adoption of cloud is not an ever-increasing cost, new processes and operating procedures are needed to work with the new tools. Omdia believes that solutions like CAST AI represent the sort of approach organizations need to adopt.”

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