Release notes

Newest release

External GKE cluster optimization, Cluster metrics, and enhanced optimization policies2021-08-27

  • GKE cluster optimization. Customers running unshielded GKE clusters can now onboard them into CAST AI and benefit from all cost optimization policies.

  • Cluster metrics endpoint – we have released the first version of the metrics endpoint that provides visibility into the CAST AI-captured metrics. The initial description of metrics and setup guide can be found in Github. We will continue expanding the list of exposed metrics, so stay tuned.

  • Implemented Node Root Volume Policy policy that allows the configuration of root volume size based on the CPU count. This way nodes with a high CPU count can have a larger root disk allocated upon node creation.

  • We have enhanced the Spot policy for EKS and kOps, so customers can instruct CAST AI to provision the least interrupted spot instances, most cost-effective ones, or simply leave the default – balanced approach. We also support an ability to override this cluster-wide policy on the deployment level.

  • CAST AI agent v.0.20.0 was released – the agent now supports auto-discovery of GKE clusters, users are no longer required to enter any cluster details manually.

  • Cluster headroom and Node constraints policies are now separated and can be used simultaneously.

  • We made it easier for users to set correct node CPU and Memory constraints that adhere to supported ratios.

  • Bug fixes and small interface improvements.

August 2021

Empty node time to live and new CAST agent version2021-08-06

  • Implemented a new feature that allows users to set the time for how long an empty node should be kept alive before deletion. This “empty node time-to-live” setting makes node deletion policy less aggressive in case users do not want to delete empty nodes right away. Read more about this feature in our docs.

  • CAST AI agent v0.19.2 was released - we removed managed fields and sensitive environment variables from objects as well as introduced compression of delta content sent by the agent. Ensure that you always update to the latest version of our agent. Check github for more details.

  • Quality of life improvements:

    • GKE connect cluster improved UX

    • Savings estimator now displays totals of nodes in current and optimized configurations

    • Savings estimator now displays the status of all Cost optimization policies

    • Spot instance recommendations for workloads from now on can be exported to .csv

    • Users can now investigate the content of yaml file in connect your cluster screen, before deploying it to the cluster

    • Improved UX for scenarios when Add-ons are not installed or can’t be found

  • Enhancement of our Audit log has continued, making it more detailed and useful.

  • Rolled out various bug fixes and small improvements.

July 2021

Higher variety of SPOT instances, specification of CPU and RAM per node, Audit log improvements2021-07-19

  • Our Savings Estimator as well Autoscaler are now able to target higher variety of instance types when recommending SPOT instances. This improvement allows customers to unlock more savings from the use of instance families that previously would not be considered.

  • From now on users can rename the organization after the initial creation.

  • Audit log is now much more detailed and available for EKS and kOps clusters (previously this feature was available only on CAST AI created clusters).

  • We introduced annotation and label that protects a node from being considered for eviction and deletion, you can read more about it in our documentation.

  • During the migration in to CAST AI selected nodes, customers might want to specify minimum and maximum values of CPU and RAM for nodes to be added to a cluster. Now users can easily set these parameters in our Unscheduled pods policy and limit the possible pool of nodes that CAST AI considers. As before, other option is to use Cluster headroom settings.

  • We have added the support of kOps 1.11, 1.15 and 1.17.

  • Removed IAM permission to create new roles from our credentials script.

  • Implemented another quality of life improvement - clusters can now be sorted based on the name, region or status.

  • Fixed bugs and made minor improvements to UI.

June 2021

Organizations, Cost analyzer for GKE clusters and Cost optimization functionality for kOps2021-06-24

  • CAST AI now supports Organizations! Multiple team members from a company can now join CAST AI, create organization inside our console and collaboratively manage K8s clusters.

  • GCP customers can connect GKE clusters to CAST AI and see how much they could save by using CAST AI optimization engine. As always this is completely free and safe as our agent operates in read only mode. Try it out now. Functionality to optimize GKE cluster using CAST AI is currently in development.

  • Users running kOps clusters on AWS can now fully benefit from CAST AI cost analysis and optimization functionality. Connect your kOps cluster now, to see how much you can save and realize those savings by turning on AI driven optimization policies.

  • Connected AWS (EKS and kOps) clusters can now be paused and resumed as easily as CAST AI created clusters. Functionality to pause and resume on pre-set schedule is coming soon as well.

  • Node list is now accessible as soon as cluster is connected, customers no longer need to onboard cluster to access this functionality.

  • Additional Control plane nodes can now be added to CAST AI created clusters.

  • Clusters that were onboarded to CAST AI can now be disconnected via UI, customers have an option to delete or leave CAST AI created nodes.

  • We have reacted to user feedback and made minor adjustments in UI as well as fixed bugs.

Release of Add-ons and more agile CAST AI agent2021-06-08

  • We have released the Add-ons management functionality for CAST AI clusters. Now CAST AI clusters will be created faster without any add-ons pre-installed. Afterward, users will be able to choose the add-ons they wish to use. The Add-ons feature is available in the cluster dashboard, try it out! 

  • We increased the frequency of communication between the agent deployed on the client’s cluster and CAST AI and reduced the amount of data the agent sends via the network. Now CAST AI can react in as little as 15 seconds and scale the cluster as required.

  • We have applied minor improvements and fixes to increase the accuracy of our Available savings report.

  • Improved experience for selecting and managing your subscription.

  • Created a guide on how to disconnect your EKS cluster from CAST AI.

  • Last but not least, we fixed some bugs and made small improvements to the UI.

May 2021

Release of Cost optimization functionality for EKS clusters2021-05-04

April 2021

Save a lot by pausing and resuming your clusters on schedule2021-04-16

  • Save costs by stopping your clusters when they're idle! We have launched a “Cluster schedule” functionality to pause and resume clusters based on the user-defined schedule. Find this feature in your cluster dashboard or check the documentation.

  • The node autoscaler policy now supports GCP Preemptive Instances.

  • We introduced additional validations in GCP credentials onboarding.

  • As always our team took care of bug fixes, performance optimizations, and small UI improvements.

Release of CAST AI agent and “Savings” feature2021-04-02

  • Launched an agent to connect the EKS cluster (that was not created by CAST AI) to our console. Users can now connect clusters in read-only mode and use the “Savings” feature to analyze proposed optimizations and their impact on the cloud bill.

  • Revamped dashboard UI.

  • Node interruptions made visible in the logs data via Audit log UI.

  • Canada East (Montréal) is now a supported region in our cluster creation flow.

  • Fixed minor bugs.

March 2021

Improved GCP credentials creation & Launch of CAST CLI2021-03-22

  • We have simplified the user credentials creation process for GCP.

  • You can now control your clusters using our own Command Line Interface (CLI). Read more about the beta version and install it!

  • Improved handling of Kubernetes nodes and load balancers, so the status of the nodes is tracked, and load balancers are removed when appropriate.

  • Improved Unschedulable Pods policy to peak in to the future and consider nodes that are being created.

  • Now users can process subscription payments without leaving our console.
  • Improved structure of our documentation; check it at

  • Updated UI elements in our console and, as always, our team shipped some bug-fixes.

  • Launched the status page so our customers can check the health of our platform.

February 2021

Master Node Configuration & General Improvements2021-02-12

  • Now you can Add/Remove additional master nodes on the live cluster. Convert a single non-high availability control plane to 1, 3, or 5 nodes and vice versa.
  • The newly updated and easier to understand policy is now included as part of our Unschedulable Pods policy configuration. Read more in our documentation.
  • Digital Ocean cluster deletion is improved by handling dependencies timing better.
  • Other small and various improvements.


January 2021

New Upgrades & Visible Improvements2021-01-29

  • We upgraded Kubernetes to version 1.19 and bumped Cilium up to version 1.9. Take it for a spin here.
  • If you’re creating a new cluster with Azure as one of the providers, it will now use non-burstable Azure instance types.
  • Get more control if you see the need: interrupt and add a Spot Instance Node right from your Node list.
  • And, as always, we've shipped some bug-fixes and performance improvements.

CAST AI welcomes the beloved Developer Cloud!2021-01-22

  • You asked, we've delivered: DigitalOcean is now part of our ever-growing list of supported cloud service providers. Starting now, you can stretch your Kubernetes clusters across DO, AWS, GCP and Azure. Sign up here !

Support for Spot/Preemptive Instances added2021-01-22

  • Spot instances, if applied correctly, can yield up to 60-80% cloud savings and are really useful for stateless workloads (think, micro-services). So, starting now, if you want to, we can tell our optimization engine to start purchasing Spot (Preemptive on GCP) instances for you. And if these instances are interrupted by the cloud provider, we automatically replace them! GCP & Azure instances will follow very shortly. Read more in our documentation.

Support for Wireguard2021-01-22

December 2020

Additional changes to CAST AI console2020-12-17

  • Create your API authentication tokens in the console
  • CAST AI API is moved to a more intuitive domain –

New Terraform provider2020-12-17

New documentation hub2020-12-17

  • Access CAST AI documentation at We’ve reworked it so you can find what you need more easily

Free AWS and Google Cloud credentials2020-12-17

  • You can claim your free credentials for AWS and Google Cloud in our Slack community. Try out our product for free for a limited time!