Cloud Technology News of the Month: June 2023

Cloud cost optimization is all the rage now. Are you on board? 

cloud technology news

Keep reading to find out what happened in the cloud over the last month.


Story of the Month

What’s Up With Spot Instance Pricing?

A post on the rising prices of spot instances recently caused a stir on Hacker News. What is actually happening? 🤯

We’ve known for a while that AWS has been busy helping customers to reduce their cloud bills, which likely means encouraging teams to go for reservations and spot instances.

A group of researchers provisioned 5.5 million spot instances on AWS across all regions within the past 6 months. Results? Since the beginning of 2023, spot ratios (the mean ratio of spot price to on-demand price) have spiked to a maximum of 55% (noted for us-east-1). Spot instance pricing went over the roof in four of the largest AWS regions.

This just shows that automation is a must-have for running spot instances at scale – not only to handle interruptions with automated provisioning but also for the selection of instances matching the desired cost/performance.

To see what spot instance automation looks like in action, check out this guide.


The Cloud in Numbers

Or, The Cloud In Billions

$1 billion – the size of Amazon’s tax break for five new data centers in eastern Oregon. 💸

$61 billion – the size of VMware’s deal to take over Broadcom, now with an extended deadline due to regulatory scrutiny. 🔍

$76 billion – this is the volume to which generative AI data center and infrastructure costs are projected to increase by 2028. 🤖


The Business of Cloud

Cost Optimization Is All The Rage

ChatGPT might cost more than $700,000 to operate each day, and Microsoft is reportedly trying to optimize this. Link

Prime Video decided to move away from AWS’s own distributed serverless architecture and cut its cloud infrastructure costs by 90%. Link

Canva shared a few practices for saving millions in Amazon S3 costs per year. Link


Security & Outages

Bugs in Google Cloud

SADA found a major Google Cloud bug that could potentially expose the private keys for Google Cloud Service Accounts. Link


This series explores the most attention-grabbing cloud technology news, bringing you up to speed with the latest releases, acquisitions, research, and hidden gems in cloud computing – the stuff actually worth reading.

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