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CAST AI Participates in AWS Summit Toronto 2022

June 21, 2022

The team behind CAST AI, the Kubernetes automation and cost optimization platform, will participate in the AWS Summit Toronto 2022. The event will bring together cloud practitioners and AWS experts in Toronto, Canada, on June 22-23 2022. 

The event is part of the AWS Global Summits series of free events that let the cloud computing community connect, collaborate, and explore AWS services. Held in major cities around the world, AWS Summits attract cloud adopters from all industries and skill levels looking to discover how AWS can help them innovate faster. 

CAST AI has already participated in multiple AWS Summits, and this time it supports AWS Toronto Summit 2022 as a Silver sponsor. The company recently published research showing that organizations spend on the cloud 3x more than they need to. The CAST AI team will be offering free Kubernetes cost optimization advice in booth 327 and show how to save 63% on EKS bills on average. Consultations will take place on a regular basis, however, booking a slot in advance is recommended (reserve it here). 

“AWS Summits are the best place to be for companies passionate about optimizing key aspects of the AWS ecosystem. Our team is looking forward to exchanging thoughts with AWS leaders, partners, and customers – especially those who run Kubernetes using dedicated AWS solutions. We would like to share our approach to cloud cost optimization with all AWS Summit participants interested in reducing their cloud bills,” commented Laurent Gil, CAST AI Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

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The premise behind CAST AI is there is huge potential to reduce public cloud costs by using tools that can analyze cloud spending and suggest ways to optimize the cost, including finding cutting-edge cloud processing instances that may be offered below market rates.

CAST AI takes advantage of cloud-native technologies, containerization and Kubernetes to break the proprietary barriers that exist between clouds

The good thing about using AI in cloud automation is that it can make decisions based on somewhat correlated variables with a limited amount of information.

Cloud automation solutions reduce or eliminate all the manual effort your team invests into configuring virtual machines, creating VM clusters, setting up virtual networks and more.