Companies looking to reduce their cloud costs with automated optimization can now easily procure CAST AI via Google Cloud Marketplace using their existing committed spend.

CAST AI on Google Marketplace

CAST AI’s automated cloud cost management platform for Kubernetes is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, empowering organizations to cut their cloud bills using their existing GCP commitment. Customers can streamline their billing process, use their Google Cloud credits to access CAST AI, and make the most of their cloud resources.  

Google Cloud customers can access the CAST AI platform directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace and benefit from a streamlined procurement process. For customers already using Google Cloud, this new integration introduces a key benefit of eliminating the need to sign new contracts. And teams that use committed use discounts can take advantage of CAST AI as part of their plans.

With the CAST AI now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to:

  • Use CAST AI as part of their set commitment levels for Google Cloud services,
  • Benefit from a solution that is fully integrated with Google Marketplace (all the CAST AI pricing plans are available there),
  • Run the plug-and-play cloud cost monitoring and reporting to get cost insights,
  • Instantly rebalance their cloud native infrastructure for quick cost savings,
  • Continuously optimize their cost structure using a variety of Kubernetes-specific tools,
  • Take advantage of spot machine automation.

“We’re thrilled to have the CAST AI platform available on Google Cloud Marketplace to help customers access and implement the solution they need to cut their cloud costs and make the most of every dollar they spend on the cloud,” said Laurent Gil, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at CAST AI.

“Making CAST AI available on the Google Cloud Marketplace means that our customers can benefit from all the advantages of having CAST AI on Google Cloud, as well as the commercial flexibility of procuring our autonomous cloud cost optimization platform directly from Google Cloud Marketplace,” said Yuri Frayman, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at CAST AI.

About CAST AI:

CAST AI is the leading Kubernetes automation platform for AWS, Azure, and GCP customers. CAST AI goes beyond monitoring clusters and making recommendations; the platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and automatically optimize clusters in real time, saving customers 50% or more on their cloud costs, and improving performance and reliability to bolster DevOps and engineering productivity.

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