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CAST AI Gets On Omdia’s Radar in Its Newest Analyst Report

June 15, 2022

Omdia, a renowned analyst firm focused on the technology industry, has covered CAST AI in its newest On the Radar report. The publication focuses on bringing visibility and optimization to the cloud and cloud-native environments. 

Omdia’s On the Radar series features vendors bringing innovative products and business models. The analyst highlights the most disruptive ideas and emerging strategies, aiming to equip CIOs with the insights they need to improve processes and save costs.

CAST AI appears in the context of container management, which is on the rise as businesses are increasingly investing in container-based applications. According to Omdia’s Software Market Forecasts: Infrastructure, 2020–25, by 2025, the segment’s CAGR will grow by 25%.

With container architecture growing in popularity, the analyst states that CIOs still miss the tools that would assist them in making optimum use of their infrastructure. That’s where startups like CAST AI are stepping in with solutions helping companies to stop paying for the resources they don’t need. According to Omdia, thanks to adopting this approach businesses can thrive in cloud-native environments.  

“The challenge for many CIOs is that the optimization of the environment is not a one-off exercise and must be delivered as a continuous process. CIOs need the correct tools to help ensure that the organization is making optimum use of the resources and is not wasting money paying for resources that are not being used. I believe that solutions like CAST AI represent the sort of approach organizations need to adopt.” commented Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst at Omdia. “Optimizing cloud environments requires something more than just trying to refashion existing tools. CAST AI offers a new way of thinking about the cloud and uses automation to respond to new issues. It’s encouraging to see that Omdia’s report validates our ideas and demonstrates that our platform delivers a continuous, optimized environment automatically” – commented Laurent Gil, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of CAST AI.

About CAST AI:

CAST AI is a cloud optimization platform that cuts cloud bills in half for AWS, GCP, and Azure customers. Powered by AI, it analyzes multiple data points to find an optimal cost-performance ratio. The platform delivers a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for all types of Kubernetes workloads. Headquartered in Miami, US, CAST AI has a European branch in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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The premise behind CAST AI is there is huge potential to reduce public cloud costs by using tools that can analyze cloud spending and suggest ways to optimize the cost, including finding cutting-edge cloud processing instances that may be offered below market rates.

CAST AI takes advantage of cloud-native technologies, containerization and Kubernetes to break the proprietary barriers that exist between clouds

The good thing about using AI in cloud automation is that it can make decisions based on somewhat correlated variables with a limited amount of information.

Cloud automation solutions reduce or eliminate all the manual effort your team invests into configuring virtual machines, creating VM clusters, setting up virtual networks and more.