Are Spot Instances Reliable for ML Workloads?


Register for this webinar to learn how to leverage Spot instances for ML model training or inference and fine-tune your choice of LLM on Kubernetes for an optimal price/performance ratio. This webinar is your one-stop source for optimization tactics for running ML models cost-effectively.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find the most reliable and cost-efficient Spot instances,
  • Leverage Spot instances for ML model training and inference with cost in mind,
  • Learn how to pick the best LLM for the job using automation.

The webinar will include an introduction to the core topic, a Q&A session with the audience, and a quick demo of an interactive solution that helps to find the most cost-effective and reliable Spot instances across AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Founder and CPO,

Co-founder and CPO at CAST AI, Laurent is responsible for product and business development. He was Co-founder and Chief Product and Business Officer at Zenedge, acquired by Oracle in 2018.

Head of TAM, NorthAM and APAC,

Zachary Almeida-Beers is Head of Technical Account Management, North America & APAC at DoiT International, where he and his team ensure customers are successful in the cloud. Prior to joining DoiT, Zachary was a strategic sales engineer at Trifacta. When he is not helping customers optimize cloud usage and spend, he is an avid soccer player and has coached goalkeepers at the youth and collegiate levels.

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