Plug-and-Play Cloud Cost Monitoring for Kubernetes

View your Kubernetes costs in one place, monitor them in real time, and understand where exactly they come from. For free and without a complicated setup or sharing your billing details.

Works with

Free for all clusters

No limits on the number or size of your clusters.

Access your historical data

Analyze months of past data free of charge.

60 seconds

That’s all it takes to start monitoring on your cluster.

Billing access not required

Using public pricing, CAST AI doesn’t ask for billing details.

Comprehensive K8s cost monitoring and management

Get everything you need to keep your cloud costs in check, from cluster analysis to monitoring and automated optimization.

Cloud cost visibility
Cost allocation for Kubernetes
Real-time cloud cost monitoring
Cloud optimization insights
WYSIWYG automatic optimization

Get an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly overview of your expenses –  including per spot, fallback, and on-demand instances. Compare your current and historical spend and get a forecast to better plan your expenses.

Break down your K8s expenses by clusters, namespaces, and workloads. Check their cost for selected periods of time, identify the most expensive namespaces, and see how they compare to the rest of the setup.

Monitor your costs in real-time, inspect, and react if anything goes wrong before an anomaly turns into a problem.

Understand where your costs come from and get custom optimization recommendations that can save you 50-75% or more.

Discover potential savings and implement CAST AI’s recommendations on your own or use automation to achieve peak performance instantly and without complex configuration. The choice is yours.

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Watch our CTO explain CAST AI cost monitoring

All that you need for cloud cost visibility and control

Free and without limits, CAST AI provides you with the tools you need to get on top of your cloud spend.

Cost reporting built for K8s

Break costs down by native Kubernetes concepts instead of working with insufficient data – and benefit from CAST AI’s cloud-native focus.

Metrics you can understand

CAST AI explains clearly all its metrics, so you know exactly what all the numbers in your cloud cost report mean.

Unified model for cost management

Create a single model for measuring and managing costs across your teams and projects using K8s on all major clouds.


SOC 2-certified, CAST AI generates custom cost reports and optimization recommendations for your cluster without forcing you to disclose sensitive data.

Fast and granular

5 minutes – that’s all it takes to connect your cluster and get a detailed analysis of your requested and utilized resources or cost per CPU.

This is just the beginning – Kubernetes cost monitoring continues to grow

Here are the functionalities you can expect to appear in the coming months.

2022 Q3:
Monitoring Launch

Live: Allocation of cost per label

Improve your organization’s transparency with the attribution of costs thanks to labels.

Live: Advanced workload and namespace monitoring

Check the cost of workloads and namespaces over time, together with their runtimes.

Allocation group monitoring

Improve your organization’s transparency with the attribution of costs thanks to reporting on workload groups.

All cloud costs in one place
CAST AI - Built For Developers

Built for Developers

Report on all your clusters to view all K8s costs within minutes and without complex configuration.

CAST AI - Built For Business Leaders

Perfect for Business Leaders

Remain in control of your team’s cloud costs, understand where exactly they come from, and find ways to optimize your spend.