Automation Enhanced DevOps and Over 50% Cloud Savings: How the IT Consultancy Wohlig Cut Its Bill

“Initially, our AWS costs hovered around $150,000 per month. After implementing CAST AI, we lowered our bill to around $70,000 a month. We’ve already achieved more than half of the savings, and we haven’t even explored all the CAST AI features yet. Our team used automated instance selection, right-sizing, and full autoscaling, so I believe there’s room to reduce our AWS costs even more.”

Company size

70+ employees


IT Services and IT Consulting


Mumbai, India

Cloud services used

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

The future of cloud infrastructures revolves around Kubernetes

Wohlig Transformations is an IT consulting firm based in Mumbai, India’s financial center and economic powerhouse. The company helps clients across the gaming, e-commerce, and media industries to modernize their technology landscapes and prepare for new challenges.

Kubernetes is a standard solution these days. If you’re moving to the cloud and want to create something scalable, 90% of the customers only ask for Kubernetes clusters. They’re easy to manage and govern. I think this is what I chatted about with CAST AI’s Co-Founder, Laurent Gil – he told me that CAST AI bet on Kubernetes three years ago, and now the technology is everywhere.

Chintan Shah, Founder and CTO at Wohlig

To support the business operations and technology requirements of Wohlig, the cloud infrastructure must be highly scalable. “Scalability, autoscalers, Horizontal Pod Autoscaler – all of these aspects are important to us,” said Mr. Shah.

To manage the mounting cloud costs, the company assessed several cost optimization tools designed specifically for Kubernetes, such as Kubecost and CAST AI. “I believe that CAST AI is a must-have for Kubernetes because it matches so well the way Kubernetes functions. None of the tools we tried were even slightly close to where CAST AI is. We wanted the confidence of never getting locked in combined with the assurance that major cost optimization is possible. This is what CAST AI helped us achieve,” said Mr. Shah.

Cutting cloud infrastructure costs by over 50% 

Wohlig analyzed its largest cluster using the CAST AI agent and discovered that moving it to a different virtual machine would slash the cost by 30%. “CAST AI suggested that we move this cluster from 850 m5.large CPUs to c6a.xlarge of around 40 CPUs only. We implemented this recommendation and saw our costs go down instantly,” said Chintan Shah.

The company decided to onboard its clusters to CAST AI and turn the automated cost optimization features on. 

One of Wohlig’s largest clusters has already achieved savings of 70%, which had a major impact on the company as it’s a production cluster. Such a level of cost reduction translates into direct business benefits. “If our tech team can reduce the cost by half or more, the client has more confidence in us; they trust us more. Implementing CAST AI has also helped us to create stronger relationships with our clients,” said Mr. Shah.

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Enhanced DevOps thanks to automation

CAST AI automation features reduced the workload of DevOps engineers, who can now take care of more mission-critical tasks than managing the infrastructure manually. “Initially, we were doing all these things manually. If we wanted to replace what CAST AI does with manual effort, our engineers would be in crisis,” said Chintan Shah.

Team members working with the solution have a rich array of cost and utilization insights at their fingertips. “CAST AI provides dashboards that suggest the available savings and shows all the data clearly. Each area is well-crafted and delivers a great user experience. The UI is very understandable and user-friendly, helping DevOps to easily implement policies – like the node deletion policy that automatically removes nodes from the cluster when they no longer have scheduled workloads to keep a minimal footprint and reduce costs,” added Mr. Shah.

These benefits extend to Wohlig’s clients who benefit from the company’s expertise in CAST AI features. 

We were working with a client and onboarded CAST AI for them. The company had a few dev servers that were quite heavy. They wanted to shut down the entire server outside of working hours and during weekends. Implementing this without CAST AI would take our developers a lot of time. They would have to write scripts and manage it all manually. With CAST AI, we could complete this task in a single day.

Chintan Shah, Founder and CTO at Wohlig

Strong partnership and excellent support

Before getting in touch with the CAST AI team, Wohlig self-onboarded a few clusters and tested the platform’s features. “When the CAST team contacted us, we had already done our cost-saving for one of our dev clusters. Our DevOps team was able to set it all up fast, and once we reduced our cost drastically, we became confident that the platform will be easy to integrate,” said Mr. Shah.

We were satisfied with the results CAST AI brought us from day one. I remember meeting the team and hearing people trying to pitch me CAST AI, talking about the platform’s benefits and features. But I was like: You don’t have to sell me CAST AI because I’m already sold.

Chintan Shah, Founder and CTO at Wohlig

Once the company signed the contract, CAST AI’s team stepped in to guide Wohlig through the integration process. “I think your support team is just amazing. I remember that we encountered some issues around Redis and node group versioning when trying to deploy CAST AI on a production cluster. The Director of Engineering, Augustinas helped us resolve that issue. Reaching out to developers also was very easy for us. And at that time, we haven’t even paid a single penny – but the response we got and the relationship we’ve built since then is just great,” said Chintan Shah.

Kudos to your HR; they’re doing a brilliant job. Everyone whom I’ve met with on CAST AI is easy to communicate with and highly motivated. That’s something you see translated in the product, the way it’s crafted shows the amount of care the team gives to customers. I just love your team!

Chintan Shah, Founder and CTO at Wohlig

Next steps

Wohlig is looking forward to implementing spot instance automation across more of its clusters to achieve even greater cost savings. We want to use all the features that CAST AI provides and aim to become great partners,” said Chintan Shah. 

“I think any company paying a few thousand dollars or more to AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure should use CAST AI,” he added.

What is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about CAST AI? Cost optimization. The best thing about the platform is that it just works. It really reduces cloud costs, so we’re happy to recommend it to our clients as part of their Kubernetes journey.

Chintan Shah, Founder and CTO at Wohlig
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CAST AI features used
  • Spot instance automation
  • Real-time autoscaling
  • Instant Rebalancing
  • Full cost visibility

You’re underway to simplify Kubernetes

  • No more complexity of Kubernetes management
  • 50%+ lower cloud costs without repetitive tasks
  • Predictable cloud bills and performance at all times

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5/5 – Average rating

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