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CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2

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  • Mobile marketing
How Branch saved millions of dollars on its cloud bill while maintaining reliability

“Partnering with CAST AI has been a big success for Branch, saving us several millions of dollars per year in AWS Cloud compute costs for our Kubernetes clusters while maintaining our reliability SLAs.”

  • Fintech
Cost efficiency, speed, and engineer wellbeing: How the growing fintech Delio simplifies its Kubernetes management

“Managing multiple clusters and growth for new clients while keeping costs as low as possible is tricky. CAST AI fits that use case nicely. I can see it working in pretty much any organization that uses Kubernetes.”

  • E-Commerce
How the French e-commerce startup La Fourche reduced its cloud bill by 69.9%

La Fourche needed a solution that would allow scaling resources rapidly to handle a sudden influx of traffic but keep cloud costs in check. By implementing CAST AI, the company moved its Kubernetes workloads to VMs that brought 69.9% savings with better performance.

  • E-Commerce
How Snow Commerce automated deployment for a dramatic speed increase

“Moving to Kubernetes with CAST AI was incredibly efficient. We identified the project that we wanted to do first and set up the dev environment. In 3 days, we were already testing Kubernetes and smoothly moved to the production environment.”


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