Free Plug-and-Play Kubernetes Cost Monitoring

Kubernetes poses many challenges around cost allocation and reporting – from learning which team adds a lot to your cloud bill to discovering which workloads burn all your dollars. Thanks to the new CAST AI solution, teams running Kubernetes on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure can now check all their cloud costs in one place and understand where exactly they come from – in real time and free of charge.

Kubernetes cost monitoring

More and more companies operating in the cloud reported escalating cloud costs and a pervasive lack of visibility. Dealing with shared costs is the second biggest challenge teams face today.1 This is especially true in cloud-native environments like Kubernetes.

We have released a plug-and-play cloud cost monitoring and reporting solution to help teams increase cost visibility in complicated Kubernetes environments. Our mission was to provide teams with full, real-time visibility into how they request and provision cloud resources, all the way down to individual processors and workloads.

Moreover, users get hands-on recommendations for optimizing their cloud resource use. There’s no need for complicated manual configuration – the new feature is accessible instantly to CAST AI users.

Once teams get their cost report, they can take the next step: get recommendations and implement them automatically, reconfiguring their resources accordingly.

Cost reporting features

CAST AI’s cost reporting provides:

  • Free analysis for all Kubernetes clusters, with no limits on their number or size.
  • One-minute results with comprehensive cluster analysis.
  • A detailed breakdown of cloud expenses, including compute. 
  • Improved cost transparency and accountability thanks to breaking down Kubernetes spend into clusters, namespaces, and workloads. 
  • Real-time cloud cost monitoring that allows teams to easily inspect and react to anomalies.
  • Cloud optimization insights and recommendations for savings of 50 to 75%.
  • Months of past data available free of charge.
  • Easy export of cost data to Grafana or any other dashboarding tool.
  • Integration with the industry-standard monitoring and observability tool Grafana.

Going beyond reporting: towards automated optimization

Gartner predicts that spending on cloud services will grow over 20% by the end of this year.2 We want to support teams in making the most of their cloud investments, using their resources to the fullest.

While cost reporting is an incredibly powerful stand-alone tool, it’s only one side of the coin. The other is automated optimization. 

The scale of a mid-sized company or enterprise poses many optimization challenges. Applying all the recommendations manually and regularly takes a lot of time, which translates into cost.

If you’re looking to optimize your cloud costs continuously without spending loads of engineer time, CAST AI is there to configure your clusters, avoid wasting resources in partially full nodes, and remove empty nodes to eliminate overprovisioning. 

Get a free, detailed cost analysis of your clusters together with the comparison of current versus historical cloud spend and custom optimization recommendations. Get started here.

Start free today

You will get full access to cloud cost monitoring, reporting, and optimization insights to reduce your cluster cost immediately.


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