AWS Cloud Management: What Is It?

If you use AWS for secure cloud storage, virtual machines, or IoT services, you likely know how confusing AWS billing can be. That’s why you need AWS cloud management solution.

AWS cloud management

The internal AWS billing system makes little sense to many. The bill comes in; you look at it, say something along the lines of: “Wow, that’s a lot! t, and finally you pay it. Rinse and repeat. Month after month.

Well, AWS cloud management services help you better understand your cloud computing costs and resource allocation, helping you make smarter decisions around your cloud infrastructure and billing.

Typically, the term “AWS cloud management” denotes AWS partner solutions and other tools that help customers gain increased visibility into their AWS account spending, resource utilization, and more.

If you adopt a proper AWS cloud management strategy, you can expect to save as much as 50% or more on your cloud bill.

This article will discuss AWS cloud management in more detail, including how to get started, the benefits you get, and which partner solutions are the best choice.

What are the benefits of AWS cloud management?

Many organizations and AWS users struggle to understand AWS billing – how various services are billed, proper resource allocation, and how to save money on your cloud bill.

Understanding your cloud bill is no easy task. And while it can be done using native AWS tools, you might benefit more from using a third-party AWS cloud management tool.

These tools provide you with cloud cost optimization opportunities, helping you gain greater insight into cloud expenses and how you can shrink costs without sacrificing availability or performance.

What AWS cloud management tools are out there?

Okay, we’ve got your attention now – you want to know which AWS cloud management tools can help your organization save money?

Here are a few of the best AWS cloud management tools you can try:

  1. CAST AI
  2. Spot by NetApp
  3. Apptio
  4. CloudCheckr
  5. Harness

Keep reading to find out more about each AWS cloud cost management tool, including how they work and whether it’s the right choice for your organization. 


CAST AI is an excellent tool for cutting cloud management costs – our savings report is a great place to start (and it’s free). 

Not only do we tell you where you can save money, the fully automated process implements tactics to reduce manual workload for your engineers.

CAST AI recommends new workloads and instances to help you cut costs on your cloud bill. Often, the cost savings are not obvious (as let’s face it, there are many unclear savings and other purchase options). 

AWS cloud management using the CAST AI tool ensures you’re using the right plan, allocating the right resources, and staying within, and in some cases, under budget. 

We crunch the numbers and calculate the best prices so that you don’t have to. You may just save up to 50% on your AWS cloud bill. 

Spot by NetApp

Spot provided by NetApp uses machine learning and AI to help users prevent cloud waste.

The tool automatically selects the most efficient pricing models and instances to meet the demands of a task or job, focusing primarily on spot instances. 

That being said, it’s a great tool for teams that use spot instances heavily and are looking to automate the process of managing them. Contrary to other cost management tools, Spot by NetApp doesn’t include automated rightsizing that helps teams pick the best on-demand instances for the job.


Cloudability helps to reduce costs but also manages your cloud spend to eliminate overprovisioning and cloud waste. 

The AWS cloud management tool allows you to align business goals to workloads, adopt the right cloud infrastructure, forecast spending, and set budgets to help you stay on track.

It aggregates and establishes relationships between large amounts of data from different sources to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate cost model for your business.


CloudChecker enables its users to uncover AWS spending trends, providing insights into resource allocation and general spending to eliminate waste.

Detecting these trends allows you to choose the right AWS plan for you, lowering costs without sacrificing resources.

The process is automated, simplifying the planning, purchasing, and optimization of AWS Savings Plans. If you’ve been using a pay-as-you-go service for a while now, using CloudCheckr offers an easy way into using savings plans.


Next up, we have Harness – a cloud management module focused on cost visibility, optimization, and governance with limited automation features.

The Harness cloud management tool allows organizations to simplify cloud cost management for FinOps, providing cost transparency to help you make key cost decisions that directly impact your cloud computing bill.

Harness includes budgeting and forecasting, as well as collaborative cost management, providing you with increased transparency and a host of features to make a smart decision regarding cloud costs. 

How to choose the best AWS cloud management tool?

With so many tools available, picking the right AWS cloud management tool can be tricky.

So, where do you start?

It all depends on your cloud usage and the pricing plans you use – some tools offer free versions to help you get started. 

But if you’re already spending thousands of dollars on AWS cloud services, then choosing a paid premium service is likely the better option to help you discover new opportunities to save money on your cloud bill.

But remember: cloud spend management doesn’t guarantee savings, you also need to use automation to help your teams make the most of cloud resources.

Start free today

You will get full access to cloud cost monitoring, reporting, and optimization insights to reduce your cluster cost immediately.

What is AWS cloud management?

AWS cloud management usually involves specialized tools that assess your current cloud spending, resource usage, and cloud activity to help you save money on your cloud bill.

What are examples of AWS cloud management?

There are many AWS cloud management tools out there, including CAST AI, Spot by NetApp, Cloudability, and CloudCheckr, to name a few.

What are the benefits of using AWS cloud management services?

Using a cloud management tool for AWS can help you reduce your cloud bill by providing you with a more granular overview of your cloud spending. Some tools also suggest new pricing plans such as spot instances based on your activity and resource allocation over time.

What are cloud managed services?

Cloud managed services are services that fall under the umbrella of cloud infrastructure – think migration, configuration, maintenance, cloud security, and resource allocation.

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