We’re launching CAST AI beta!

We have some good news for developers who have ever been frustrated with managing and configuring Kubernetes in cloud services. We know this pain really well.

Cast ai open beta.

That’s why we spent the last months on building something that helps to deploy, manage, and cost-optimized Kubernetes applications across multiple clouds at the same time. We are only at the beginning of our journey to building the best multi-cloud platform out there, but here’s what we’ve got:

CAST AI is ready for its beta launch!

You can Start now:

What is CAST AI? Our innovation

CAST AI is a multi-cloud management platform that allows developers to deploy containerized applications that span across multiple cloud environments.

You can set your cost and performance optimization policies, and CAST AI will automatically find the most cost-effective cloud services and locations for your containers (the so-called multi-cloud Goldilocks Zones). This enables developers to cut their compute bill up to 50% and properly balance the costs and performance of cloud services. 

CAST AI makes Kubernetes management very easy. Developers will be able to share workloads between multiple cloud providers and then everything as they see fit by checking the cluster and application metrics, events, performance, and more.

How does CAST AI work?

If you’re a developer using or considering using Kubernetes for dev/test or production, you can make your life easier with CAST AI, which creates and manages your Kubernetes environment for you. 

You get a production-ready cluster with all of the required networking, security, and observability components to take your application to production and beyond.

Developers can use our solution in a mono-cloud scenario, but we built it to support the bold ones out there who want to gain ultimate control and flexibility in how they run their application on many cloud services at the same time.

So, here’s how it works:

  • CAST AI deploys inside your cloud accounts. It’s an orchestration layer that commands cloud platforms via APIs. This means that CAST creates and sets up all the cloud resources in your existing cloud accounts on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. All the resources are yours and will always be available in your accounts.

  • To get started, you need to have accounts set up with one of the major cloud providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Then you need to create ServiceAccounts on each cloud to allow CAST AI to create, orchestrate, and maintain everything.

  • Our platform provides a vanilla Kubernetes experience – you will get a k8s cluster with Kubernetes control plane distributed across many clouds. The master nodes and worker nodes are dynamically managed by a multi-cloud-aware auto-scaler.

  • Use the CAST AI Dashboard or CLI, and the platform will take care of the cluster management and deployment with standard Kubernetes. Select one or multiple clouds.

  • If you decide to stop using CAST AI, your cloud services will continue to work as usual and you’ll experience no downtime.

Benefits of CAST AI

Cost optimization

Since your Kubernetes cluster spans across multiple clouds, CAST AI will optimize for cost and performance using the opportunities of price differences across clouds. The platform finds the most cost-effective public clouds and geolocations for your containers in real time. You can create policies that dictate the boundaries for such optimizations – for example, you can set CAST AI to only create new VMs if the CPU utilization is more than 90%, or destroy and consolidate VMs when the CPUs are less than 20%.

Resilience and security

Cloud providers experience micro-failures all the time. With our managed infrastructure, a cloud failure won’t result in a disaster for your application. Our platform will simply note the temporary unavailability of resources and automatically move these resources to a different location. No stress or downtime.

Start with one cloud, expand to many clouds

Create and manage K8s clusters with excellent observability, troubleshooting, and insight on a single cloud. CAST AI will look for the best deployment strategies within the single cloud, and once you’re ready to go multi-cloud, make the transition easier. Our solution can gradually expand the cost optimization strategy across clouds to help you make the most of your resources.

DevOps made easy

CAST removes the need for human employees to manually deal with the cloud complexity thanks to its robust automation features. We create architectures that span across multiple cloud providers and create a more valuable self-healing and self-optimizing layer to help developers build and deploy applications faster.

Using standard Kubernetes

CAST AI deploys a cluster across multiple clouds using standard Kubernetes. There are no requirements you must meet or rewrite the application for multi-cloud. You can bring your favorite CI/CD tools, deploy Kubernetes as usual, and see how the cluster simply spans across all the clouds you have selected. 

Full cloud interoperability

When using CAST AI, your clusters get full access to all of the cloud-native services of the public clouds. For example, storage or RDS services (AWS database service) are available seamlessly to all the workloads of the cluster – even if some of those workloads are actually executed on Azure VMs! There is no need to rewrite your application: any of the usual cloud services that you’re already using will just work automatically.

Use CAST AI for free until the official launch

Are you curious about CAST AI and Kubernetes in a multi-cloud setup?

You’re warmly invited to join our community on Slack where we bring together cloud experts, software developers, and our lead engineers to brainstorm and share their thoughts. We want to build the best multi-cloud solution and we can’t do that without your help.

Get your Slack invite! 

And if you’d like to see how CAST AI works for yourself, we offer access to our platform completely for free until it’s official launch. 

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