Cloud Technology News of the Month: October 2021

Fall is in full swing now, so we have some fresh cloud technology news to brighten your evenings. 

cloud technology news October

This series brings you up to speed with the latest releases, acquisitions, research, and hidden gems in the world of cloud computing – the stuff actually worth reading.

Here’s what happened in the cloud world this October.


Story of the month: Kubernetes is at the core of IT today

Data on Kubernetes recently surveyed over 500 executives and technology leaders to learn how they use Kubernetes for data, the benefits and challenges they encountered on the way, and the key factors driving its further adoption.

Here are a few interesting findings we picked up from the report:

Kubernetes is now used to run at least 50% of production workloads

Roughly half of the respondents are now running a half or more of their production workloads on Kubernetes. And they see clear gains here, especially the most advanced Kubernetes users who reported 2x or greater productivity increases.

A smashing 90% of surveyed executives believe Kubernetes to be ready for stateful workloads. No wonder that 70% of them said that they’re already running them in production (databases are at the top of the list here). 

Key drivers and benefits 

What are the key drivers behind the adoption of Kubernetes? The survey points to standardization, consistency, and management.

Kubernetes vs. productivity

Source: DoK Community blog


The Business of Cloud

Here’s an interesting perspective: Google bets on the cloud breaking up and embraces multi cloud. Multi cloud reduces the risk of vendor lock-in by a single cloud supplier and for Google, it opens the doors to a larger slice of the cloud market cake. 

Even if analysts estimate Google Cloud’s revenue to jump 56% this year (and reach $10.4 billion), the company still occupies a distant third place behind the estimated $61 billion of Amazon Web Services and $37 billion of Microsoft’s Azure. 

But things might change soon. At Google’s annual cloud conference, the company announced the release of a new data warehousing service that can use data located in different clouds, not just Google’s own.

Breaking down cloud boundaries transforms data storage into a commodity and prevents it from becoming a factor that ties customers to the cloud provider’s other services. Is this Google’s opportunity to win in cloud wars?

Source: Financial Times

IBM had it all to become a major cloud service provider. But it failed to capitalize on this historic shift in the tech industry. According to insiders, a series of marketing missteps and duplicated development processes are behind the fall of IBM Cloud. An eye-opening read that shows what happens when a team makes a far-reaching strategic oversight.

Source: Protocol

IDC’s Managed CloudView 2021 is here. As more companies transition to the cloud, the role of managed service providers is growing. What does the landscape look like today? Here are a few key findings:

  • Companies are planning to use more public cloud capabilities (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), innovative technologies (IoT, edge computing, blockchain), and multi cloud management platforms.
  • Enterprises are accelerating their transition to the cloud, and the expected cost savings from managed cloud services in 2021 are 40% (up from 37% in 2019).
  • Teams use managed cloud services to build agility into their IT efforts, drive new revenue streams, and boost customer experience. But they still worry about SLAs, the performance of IT for core applications, and security. 
  • Around 40% of surveyed companies are already using no code and low code capabilities in managed cloud services. Another 30-35% plan to do so within the next two years to increase the efficiency of their IT operations and align IT with individual (role-based) needs.

Source: IDC

InfoWorld’s 2021 Bossie Awards have landed as well, giving us a good overview of the open source software landscape – with tools ranging from software development and DevOps to data analytics and machine learning.

Source: InfoWorld


Food for thought

We all love the cloud, but how did cloud computing impact the evolution of technology? No longer tied by the long hardware and software procurement cycles, teams can now play around with solutions and quickly check whether they bring true value or not. And there’s so much more. This short but insightful read shows how the cloud allowed for more experimentation, delivering mature services, and enabling a distributed workforce. 

Source: InfoWorld

Remember how Facebook and its affiliated services like WhatsApp or Instagram disappeared for a moment last month? This post dives deep into the problem to explain how they all went down – and how something like that was even possible in the first place.

Source: Cloudflare

A handy timeline of AWS outages that will get you interested in downtime prevention.

Source: AWS Maniac


Meanwhile in CAST AI

We had a great time at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2021 as a Platinum sponsor this year! It was great to see lots of you at our booth and learn more about your cloud cost struggles.

Didn’t see us there? Book a time and let’s catch up at AWS re:Invent!

And here are some new product features hot off the press:  

  • Are you running Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure? Now you can check how much you could save with CAST AI Free Analyzer. P.S. If you use EKS, Kops, or GKE, you can still cut 50%+ of your cloud bill automatically with our help.
  • CAST AI now supports all AWS and GCP regions. Added support for the following AWS regions: ap-northeast-3 Asia Pacific (Osaka), ap-east-1 Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), af-south-1 Africa (Cape Town), and me-south-1 (Middle East (Bahrain)). 


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