Cloud Technology News of the Month: November 2022

Against all odds, cloud providers keep on growing. But even they realize that cost optimization is the industry’s future.

cloud technology news of the month

What happened in the cloud world during the last month? Keep on reading to find out!


Story of the Month: Is the Cloud Investment Shrinking?

In a new study, 81% of IT leaders said their C-suite directed them to reduce or add no additional cloud spending as the downturn looms around the corner. 

Are the days of soaring enterprise cloud investments over? Is the next step becoming Basecamp, leaving the cloud to cut costs?

The cloud will trudge through because it’s still the most cost-efficient option for thousands of businesses today, especially if they implement the right tooling around cloud cost management. And providers are “proactively working to help customers cost optimize,” to quote Amazon CFO, Brian Olsavsky.

Sources: Venture Beat, RCR Wireless News, Hey


The Cloud in Numbers

$1 billion – the value of transactions on the AWS Marketplace in 2021.

$2.3 billion – this is how much Amazon invested in data centers in Japan so far this year.

1000 – the number of jobs Microsoft plans to cut this year. 

38% – this is by how much Google Cloud grew YoY as the only provider to accelerate growth over Q2 2022.


The Business of Cloud

Cloud data transfer fees might look modest at first sight, but they quickly pile up. More and more companies care because of their multicloud and AI initiatives, all in the context of cloud cost opacity. 

Source: SiliconAngle

Google killed its game-streaming service Stadia because nobody trusts the tech giant to stick around.

Source: TechCrunch

Cloud providers now turn their eyes to automobiles as they become increasingly software-defined. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal


Security & Outages

This a great read on cloud security arguing for developer-first security. The responsibility for cloud security isn’t just with IT security teams but also with developers and DevOps teams.

Source: InfoWorld


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