Cloud Technology News of the Month: December 2022

As the tech industry reorients around a slower economy, the cloud industry is falling victim to adjustments too.

cloud technology news

What happened in the cloud world during the last month? Keep on reading to find out!


Story of the Month: How green is the cloud?

“The cloud” sounds limitless and weightless, but is it really greener than analog data storage? 

Wired dives into the environmental impact of the cloud and show some surprising things from around the world, suggesting that perhaps we’d all be better off if the cloud was broken up into a meshwork of smaller infrastructure clusters.

And Bloomberg suggested that carbon emissions linked to cloud computing aren’t properly accounted for in the carbon calculations many enterprises make today, possibly leading them to overstate their progress on net-zero pledges. 

Sources: Wired, Bloomberg


The Cloud in Numbers

49k – the number of employees who were let go from tech companies in November 2022 alone (including Amazon and Meta layoffs).

$74 billion – this is how much the three big cloud computing providers will spend on data centers in 2022. 

20.7% – the growth of worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services in 2023, according to the latest forecast from Gartner.

50% – this is the YoY growth rate of Microsoft Azure in September 2021. In September 2022, it was 35%.


The Business of Cloud

AWS opened a brand-new region in Switzerland and plans to invest up to $5.9 billion in the Europe (Zurich) Region between 2022 and 2036.

Source: AWS

Are you toying with the idea of repatriation? Many people might after reading David Heinemeier Hansson’s Why we’re leaving the cloud. Here’s a fair rebuttal of his arguments against the cloud.

Source: Geoffrey Greene on LinkedIn


Security & Outages

During AWS re:Invent security made a mark in Adam Selipsky’s keynote. The CEO of AWS called cloud security “the most critical area for organizations” and showed a preview of a new data lake: Amazon Security Lake, which centralizes all of an organization’s security data.

Source: TechCrunch


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