It’s about time cloud providers stop limiting innovation

My teammates and I have built dozens of tech solutions for the last two decades. During that time, we worked with major cloud providers and learned about their limitations the hard way.

Today, the majority of businesses use more than one cloud solution for deploying their applications. Balancing the costs and performance in a multi-cloud context requires a combination of different tools and skills.

Most of the time, the process is complex and cost-prohibitive – leaving innovators at the mercy of cloud providers. 

Let’s zoom in on this problem

Imagine the following scenario:

A business invests massive resources to change the world by launching a new product. When looking for the best option to deploy the application, the team gets an awesome offer from AWS. Why not go for it?

Fast-forward to a few weeks/months/years later:

Now the team would like to use the Google Cloud Big Query data warehouse. It’s the best solution out there that fits the project requirements. But moving from one cloud service to another is costly and difficult.

AWS, Google, Azure, and other major cloud platforms easily lock in developers inside their closed ecosystems by making billing and resource usage nebulous and unclear.  

So, the team is forced to make some downstream choices, further locking itself into the supplier. As a result, the application is hard to scale, and the company ends up spending way more on it – adding even more risk to the product’s development.

Teaming up with a cloud provider comes with serious implications

  • There’s an imbalance in the relation between the company and the cloud provider that can now dictate the terms of pricing and services, without fearing that you switch to another service.
  • Complex long-term payment plans that trap businesses – the cloud budget keeps growing, but the team still can’t roll out features as fast as possible.
  • During a crisis or downtime, you’re basically at the mercy of the cloud provider and its disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Unclear performance metrics – engineers might find it difficult to monitor apps for uptime, reliability, availability, and performance.

Managing cloud infrastructure, costs, and availability is an arduous task. We believe that it’s not what engineers are supposed to be doing with their precious time.

That’s why we decided to create a tool that frees innovators from the vendor lock-in, helps them optimize cloud costs, and saves time on cloud infrastructure management.

Instead of wasting their talent and budget on low-level infrastructure, CTOs can finally let their engineers focus on what they do best: creating killer solutions.

Solution: Optimizing cloud use with CAST AI

We designed CAST AI to help innovators gain a more transparent view of their cloud spending and performance, but also deploy and manage multiple cloud services easily.

Here’s how it works:

When looking into your cloud infrastructure, you get lots of metrics. Follow the trail of graphs and charts carefully, and you’ll eventually learn about the utilization level and how it translates into cost. You can learn the extent to which you’re using your resources, where those resources are going, and how healthy your application is. If used properly, these numbers can be pure gold.

But doing all of that manually would be very expensive and time-consuming – almost impossible to accomplish without a person dedicated to this task full-time.

This is where AI comes in. We used it to bring people a wealth of knowledge in one place and equip them with tools that optimize cloud cost and performance. Our tool can automatically adjust resource use to match your performance requirements and budget.

This is how businesses can avoid overspending on cloud services and giving up control to one vendor, seeing benefits like:

  • Immediate cost reductions on cloud services,
  • Ability to run an application on multiple clouds,
  • Easy migration between different cloud providers,
  • Support in disaster recovery and automated scaling,
  • Reduction in time-to-deploy.

Innovate with peace of mind

Here’s our first step towards making cloud services more transparent for everyone. We released a feature to help people like you to innovate without locking yourself in a deal with a cloud vendor.

Our tool provides a summary and our recommendations of the machines offering the best balance of cost and performance.

Curious to see how it works? Check our free Kubernetes cost monitoring module to find out whether you’re overspending on your cloud. 

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