Each year, Futuriom, an independent technology analyst, identifies the strongest trends and companies driving the cloud market. The 2023 edition names cloud cost management as one of the key trends and distinguishes the Kubernetes automation and cost management platform CAST AI as a leader in this area. 

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Released for the third time, Futuriom 50 Report draws on extensive research involving end-user and vendor interviews and survey work. It lists the strongest technology companies and key trends in cloud infrastructures for 2023. 

The Futuriom 50 report features CAST AI for the second time, acknowledging its potential for cloud workload optimization. The analyst praises the platform’s use of AI for identifying optimal compute resources for Kubernetes workloads and its capability to scan and optimize cloud setups automatically.

“CAST AI has a compelling proposition with an innovative approach to reducing cloud spending. Using an AI engine to optimize compute spending, CAST AI can reduce a cloud bill by 60% to 90%, generating an immediate return on investment for its customers. This is a compelling value for those looking for cloud cost savings,” Scott Raynovich, Chief Analyst of Futuriom.

“Research continuously proves that cloud projects exceed their budgets as teams struggle controlling their usage and costs. This edition of Futuriom 50 highlights the need to improve cloud ROI, which is also at the heart of what we achieve at CAST AI.,” commented Laurent Gil, CAST AI’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. 

“CAST AI empowers engineers to understand and manage their compute costs better – and subsequently squeeze more out of each dollar spent on the cloud. We’re proud that the Futuriom team has recognized our efforts in that area, and we hope that the platform will reach an ever wider range of users,” added Laurent Gil.

About CAST AI:

CAST AI is a cloud optimization platform that cuts cloud bills in half for AWS, GCP, and Azure customers. Powered by AI, it analyzes multiple data points to find an optimal cost-performance ratio. The platform delivers a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for all types of Kubernetes workloads. Headquartered in Miami, US, CAST AI has a European branch in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Learn more: https://cast.ai/

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