The cloud has simplified how enterprises consume compute resources, yet this process coincided with hiking cloud costs. During the forthcoming Cota Capital webinar, CAST AI co-founder and CPO Laurent Gil will discuss the segment’s exponential growth and ‘cloud-flation’. The free online session will take place on January 19, 2023. 

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According to Gartner predictions, global spend on public cloud services will approach $600 billion in 2023. The fast growth of cloud computing stems from numerous factors. These include the increasing need for data storage and management, the rapid rise of remote work, and the growing use of data analytics and machine learning.

However, the exponential growth, changing macroeconomic realities, and technological advancements have given rise to the issue of ‘cloud-flation’, i.e. skyrocketing cloud services prices. 

All these issues will become a point of departure for a discussion between Cota Principal Murat Kilicoglu and CAST AI Co-Founder & CPO Laurent Gil. Outlining the challenges of today, they will move on to the opportunities for the cloud of tomorrow. 

The session is part of the Cota Access webinar series offering market-driven discussions from featured founders, thought leaders, and leading executives. The program explores cutting-edge business and technology trends that fundamentally impact large enterprises.

Cloud-flation: Will it Impact the Growth of Cloud Usage? will start on January 19 at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST. It is free of charge but requires prior registration: registration form.

About CAST AI:

CAST AI is a cloud optimization platform that cuts cloud bills in half for AWS, GCP, and Azure customers. Powered by AI, it analyzes multiple data points to find an optimal cost-performance ratio. The platform delivers a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for all types of Kubernetes workloads. Headquartered in Miami, US, CAST AI has a European branch in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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