Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy will be regularly updated to comply with how we process your personal information and to comply with privacy laws and regulations.

What are cookies?

We  use  digital  tracking  technologies  to  collect  information  about  the  movement  on  our websites and how visitors interact with us. We do this in order to measure performance, increase user experience, and provide interesting content.

To identify a visitor throughout the visit, and recognize visitors at consecutive visits, our websites  leave  a  small  file  called  a  cookie  in  the  visitor’s  internet  browser. Cookies uniquely identify a particular browser or device. By using cookies, we can distinguish one visitor from another and treat them individually.

We will only use cookies if you consent to their use of them. If you do not wish to consent to cookies, please opt out of all cookie types and click “reject all” in the cookie banner. Please note that “necessary cookies” cannot be opted out of as they are a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the website.

Types of cookies used by our websites?

Our websites use the following categories of cookies:

  • Necessary
  • Functional
  • Analytics
  • Performance
  • Advertisement
  • Uncategorized

The category “Necessary” does not require your consent and includes the following first- and third-party cookies:

  • Navigation or session cookies – which are strictly necessary for the operation of the websites or to enable you to take advantage of the content and services you have requested. 

If you choose to allow their use, in the manner set out in the section “Cookie Settings”, and depending on your specific choices, the websites also install and use the following cookies:

  • functionality cookies to activate specific features of the websites and a number of selected criteria in order to improve the service you have requested;
  • cookies or other first and third-party analytical/statistical identifiers, used to collect information, with IP address masking, on how users visit the websites, and to track traffic to and from the websites, for purposes related to the operation of the websites. The information collected by these cookies is processed in aggregate form so as to minimize the processing of your data and to avoid identifying you directly and uniquely. In the case of third-party analytical cookies, the third party may use information about you collected by these cookies in combination with other information available to the third party;
  • first- and third-party profiling cookies, designed to observe your use of the websites and their content in order to detect your preferences and to profile you, to deliver commercial communications and a browsing experience in line with the preferences you have expressed during your web browsing and your interaction with the websites and third-party sites and/or apps. These cookies are used to propose targeted advertising and communications more relevant to your interests.  

List of Cookies

You can make a choice and indicate specifically which cookies to allow when you first access the websites by using the cookie banner. You can change your cookie setting choices at any time by using the cookie button in the footer of the website.

You can also authorize, block or delete (in whole or in part) cookies through the specific functions of your browser. In order to deactivate these cookies or to obtain more information on how to set preferences on the use of cookies through your browser, you can consult the instructions of the respective browser by clicking on the link below:

Please note that if you set your browser to block strictly technical cookies, you may not be able to use the websites, view their contents and take advantage of their services. Inhibiting functionality cookies may result in some services or certain functions of the websites not being available or not working properly, and you may have to change or manually enter certain information or preferences each time you visit. Disabling other cookies, including third-party cookies, on the other hand, will not affect the operation of the websites.

If you use different devices or browsers to access the websites, you will need to set cookie preferences for each of the devices or browsers you use.