Introducing CAST AI…

Post written by CAST AI Co-founder and CTO Leon Kuperman.

Let me introduce you to CAST AI and how we are going to change Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) forever.

Anyone deploying to a public cloud has to take a first logical step, that is pick a cloud. That is where things break for me. Why do we have to pick? Imagine a world where you can pick two or more cloud providers and avoid being locked to any one vendor. That is what CAST AI delivers.


CAST is based on a few simple product principles:

Cost Optimized – Cloud infrastructure should be a commodity; CAST is a solution that maximizes cost savings through automation. We leverage all clouds to get there and we care about every detail that may affect a customer’s bill.

Verifiable Fail-Over – Because CAST runs an application across multiple clouds, all of the time, cloud failure doesn’t become a disaster. We are continuously exercising micro-failover actions to optimize performance. If a cloud or component fails, no problem. The system self-heals through automation. Testing for failure is also something you can build into your process with tools like Chaos Monkey.

No Vendor Lock – Did you ever have to answer the question “How am I going to justify my entire deployment in AWS?”. Many are starting to think about it. The US Government certainly did with JEDI, even though Microsoft alone is not the final answer either.

Point is, our customers should be able to “cut the cord” with any vendor. That includes CAST. If a customer is unhappy, they should have a path to leave without incurring pain or downtime. If we execute our vision, customers will never leave.

Everyone Deserves a Solution – Next generation cost optimization and container orchestration solutions are not just for the largest customers that can afford to allocate huge budgets. Software Engineers are being pushed to own their services end-to-end and need a solution regardless of project size.

CAST AI will make its platform free for any open source project, and we are working with High schools and Higher Education to provide access at no cost. We are serious about making CAST AI a developer led and driven community.

CAST Explorers Program

To that last point, I need some help. We are opening up an early Explorer Program. This will give us the opportunity to get feedback before the product releases to the public. If you have an hour or two to check out the platform, I would love your honest feedback. Sign up for the explorer program here: {{cta(’51a429e5-c069-419c-8aff-81cd7161c294′,’justifycenter’)}}*Explorers program has ended. But you can join our beta instead! 

We also have a Slack community you can sign up for, I would highly recommend. You will get the details when you sign up for explorers.

So that’s it, a new beginning for IaaS. I am super excited. 

Thanks again for your help and feedback, really looking forward to talking to folks about the concept and how it works.


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