Introducing CAST AI

Let me introduce you to CAST AI and how we are going to change cloud cost optimization forever.

Introducing CAST AI on a blue background.

CAST Al uses AI and automation to instantly reduce your cloud bills and gives comprehensive cost and security insight for Kubernetes on a single, simple platform:

  • Complete K8s automation – to save resources and engineer time, the platform automates cloud cost and performance management.
  • Cost tracking and reporting – users can monitor and track cost data for Kubernetes with the level of granularity they need.
  • Insights on cloud-native security – Gain critical insights into cloud security and automatically prioritize configuration concerns and vulnerabilities.
  • CloudOps and FinOps benefits – manage a secure, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure across different clouds and geographies with ease.

A straightforward path to optimal cloud infrastructure

1. Analyze your cluster

Connect your cluster, check and evaluate all workloads, and receive a report that displays your present and optimal infrastructure.

2. Get optimized

Optimize your clusters automatically, with no impact on the availability or performance of your applications.

3. Maintain optimal performance

Monitor, evaluate, and optimize your cluster 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure continuous functioning and cost predictability.

Join our community

We also have a Slack community you can sign up for, which I highly recommend.

Learn more

CAST AI clients save an average of 63%
on their Kubernetes bills

Book a call to see if you too can get low & predictable cloud bills.

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