CAST AI Is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

CAST AI’s automated cloud cost management and optimization platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, empowering teams to meet their existing spend commitments with Google and protect themselves from overspending with a streamlined payment process.

CAST AI on Google Marketplace

Using the new integration with the Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can now access the CAST AI platform directly from the cloud provider. This process eliminates the need for Google Cloud customers to sign new contracts. Customers can proceed to cut their cloud bills immediately and take advantage of their existing Google Cloud credits to access CAST AI.

Like other products available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, CAST AI meets Google’s security and solution design requirements. 

With CAST AI on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can:

  • Use CAST AI as part of their committed use with Google Cloud. 
  • Take advantage of all the CAST AI pricing plans available on the Marketplace,
  • Run cloud cost monitoring and reporting to get cost insights,
  • Instantly rebalance their cloud-native infrastructure for quick cost savings, 
  • Automatically optimize their cost structure using a variety of Kubernetes-specific tools,
  • Leverage spot machines automation.

Running out of commitment capacity on Google Cloud? Here’s a quick fix

Teams that use committed use discounts can easily add CAST AI into their plans. This is especially helpful for companies running out of commitment capacity.

Thanks to immediate cost savings, CAST AI can serve as a quick fix to cost overruns as well as an ongoing cost reduction method to get more value out of your committed use spend.

CAST AI clients save an average of 63% on their Kubernetes bills

Book a quick discovery session to see if you too can get low & predictable cloud bills.

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