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Lower your OPEX fast with automated cloud cost optimization

CAST AI clients save an average of 63% on their cloud bills for Kubernetes from the moment onboarding begins. See what CAST AI can do for you.

4.1/5 – Average rating

5/5 – Average rating

CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2 CAST AI is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2
Recognized by the world’s greatest brands

3-Step Cost Control

CAST AI industry-leading flow Analyze → Get optimized → Stay optimized inspects your cluster and workloads, gets you to an optimized state in minutes, and keeps it at the best cost-performance ratio from that point onward.

Not a one trick pony

Where others rely on a single approach to cut costs CAST AI platform uses what’s best for every single workload. We continuously analyze the workloads and then optimize accordingly using spot instance automation, autoscaling, rightsizing, and bin packing.

Rebalanced cluster cost CAST AI

Predictable cloud costs from now on

The demand for your application changes and CAST AI follows in real-time. The platform continues to provision and decommission cloud resources within seconds of load changing. No need for engineers to keep monitoring.

Our clients save an average of 63%
on their cloud bills

Mark Weiler
SVP Engineering at Branch

“The CAST AI Kubernetes Cost Optimization platform has been a big success for Branch, saving us several millions of dollars per year in AWS cloud compute costs for our Kubernetes clusters while maintaining our reliability SLAs.”

Jenson C S.
Engineering Manager at Sharechat

“We don’t spend time worrying about Kubernetes node pools and underlying resources anymore since we moved to CAST AI. The cluster scales up and down with the right optimized configuration when needed, ultimately saving Sharechat millions in our Kubernetes infrastructure.”

Cameron Dixon
Software Architect at Snow Commerce

“CAST AI was a breeze – the team has outstanding expertise in this area and provided lots of helpful suggestions. I’ve already recommended CAST AI to engineers working in other companies.”

Martin Le Guillou
CTO at La Fourche

“CAST AI is a good product because it offers features that aren’t available in most node autoscalers on the market. I think its autoscaling capabilities can make a real difference to an e-commerce company.”