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CAST AI slashes 50%+ of your Kubernetes spend in a single platform that continuously monitors, autoscales, and optimizes your cloud native infrastructure.

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How the Social Giant ShareChat is Saving Millions While Reducing Engineer Effort

“We don’t spend time worrying about Kubernetes node pools and underlying resources anymore since we moved to CAST AI. The cluster scales up and down with the right optimized configuration when needed, ultimately saving Sharechat millions in our Kubernetes infrastructure.”

Jenson C S., Engineering Manager

$1M+/yr saved on GCP

ShareChat’s achieved immediate savings that kept growing into the 7-digit zone annually.

Cloud Cost Transparency, Control, and Saving $3M on Amazon EKS: How Iterable Does It

“When you start talking about those numbers, leadership cares, finance cares, they start building it into their cost projections and estimates. Even 1 or 3% of a massive AWS bill is significant. So when you say numbers like 20% people are losing their minds. And our total possible savings take that 20% closer to 60 or 70%, which translates to $3-4 million per year.”

Jason Sanghi, Staff Software Engineer, SRE

$3M+/yr saved on AWS

CAST AI proved to be equally effective for dev, staging, and production clusters.

Balancing Cloud Cost And Capacity: How OpenX Autoscales Spot VMs For Massive Cost Savings

“CAST AI feels like a very modern approach both from the technical and UI perspective. Add to that excellent support team resources to answer any questions, and you’ve got the three biggest things that stand out for me. It feels like driving a Tesla.”

Ivan Gusev, Principal Cloud Architect

100% on spot instances

OpenX runs nearly all of its compute on spot instances and uses CAST AI to manage node interruption and fallback to on-demand for uninterrupted operations.

Cost efficiency, speed, and engineer wellbeing: How the growing fintech Delio simplifies its Kubernetes management

“Pretty much every time I log into CAST AI, there’s a new functionality – and often one that we’ve asked for, which is really great to see. It’s clear that the team is investing a lot in the platform. And I’m hoping that we can have a long partnership with CAST AI.”

Alex Le Peltier, Head of Technology Operations

More engineer time

Running on AWS and Azure, Delio used CAST AI to cut the K8s management load of 4 engineers to spend on business-critical features.

How Branch saved millions of dollars on its cloud bill while maintaining reliability

“Partnering with CAST AI has been a big success for Branch, saving us several millions of dollars per year in AWS Cloud compute costs for our Kubernetes clusters while maintaining our reliability SLAs.”

Mark Weiler, Senior VP of Engineering

Millions saved on kOps

Branch saved big and incurred 0 incidents related to spot reclamation over 10 months.

All-in-one platform to monitor & optimize Kubernetes spend

CAST AI replaces the need to set up and maintain different tools for Kubernetes cost monitoring, autoscaling, and workload rightsizing with a single platform. Integrate FinOps insights with DevOps efficiency for best cost & performance.

Eliminate the complexity of Kubernetes cost monitoring with a plug-and-play setup

CAST AI works the way you do. Get insights without revamping your entire tag, label or naming structure. After that, implement infrastructure changes automatically and without downtime to drive the spend down.

Helps DevOps and FinOps work in-sync

It’s easy for DevOps and FinOps to be aligned, when recommendations get implemented automatically. Save time, stay in control, and keep the budget in check with CAST AI.

The only platform you need to manage Kubernetes

CAST AI isn’t built to replace an engineer, but it can certainly replace repetitive tasks in your day with more stimulating challenges. Consider us your dependable ally – you set the boundaries, CAST AI’s automation ensures stable, scalable infrastructure.

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Driving value in the cloud

Here’s why FinOps, DevOps, and engineers managing cloud infrastructure thrive with CAST AI

Automated cost optimization

CAST AI runs a 24/7 cycle of Monitoring > Analysis > Optimization to automatically scale, provision, deprovision, and bin pack pods into the most efficient node configuration.

Comprehensive cost monitoring

You can view all your Kubernetes costs in one place, monitor them in real time, and understand where you are overspending. It’s free and fast to start and provides you a breakdown by cluster, workloads, namespaces, labels, and more.

Workload rightsizing

The platform automatically analyzes and changes pod requests to best match the actual needs. Once complete, our infrastructure optimization puts everything in the most efficient set of nodes.

No trade-offs

Cost monitoring and optimization is vital to business continuity and outpacing your competition, but it shouldn’t compromise uptime, security, or team wellbeing.

Automating recurring tasks frees up time in the day, allowing to focus on innovation and driving the entire business ahead.

// getting started

Start monitoring in under 2 minutes

You are one script away from getting started with CAST AI. It’s free and enables you to see all the reports you need. Once ready, a real, money-saving proof of concept will take just a week.

Connect your cluster

Run one script to install a lightweight agent that will analyze your cluster. It’s secure and ISO, SOC 2, and CIS certified.

Check your cluster’s reports

Immediately see how much you can save in the available savings report. Also check your security standing and cost monitoring for a full picture.

Optimize automatically

Instruct CAST AI to automatically implement the changes in your savings report to cut costs immediately and keep them low over time.

Take the future of Kubernetes optimization for a spin

CAST AI slashes 50%+ of your Kubernetes spend without sacrificing uptime or performance. Sign up and access cost monitoring and recommendations in minutes.

Vetted by top security certification authorities

CAST AI adheres to ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and CIS certifications. Our cybersecurity expertise informs the rule of least privilege in any permissions required.