Punish your cloud costs, not engineers

CAST AI is the easiest way you can consistently cut over 50% of your cloud bill without adding extra engineering tasks.

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  1. Looking up your cloud provider
  2. Finding provider specific services
  3. Adjusting for the type of business
  4. Calculating potential savings

SaaS companies use CAST AI to lower their bills by an average of 63%

Rebalanced cluster cost CAST AI

1 Get optimized

Real-time autoscaling, rightsizing, spot instance automation, and more keeps your costs low.

2 Stay predictable

The platform automatically analyzes and optimizes your cluster for top cost and performance.

3 Deploy faster

Automation continues to win engineers more time to code and speeds up your time to market.

People love working with CAST AI

Mark Weiler
SVP of Engineering
“With CAST AI, our applications are using a more efficient combination of cloud services, and we have already reduced our annualized cloud costs by millions of dollars."

Keep cloud spend low and predictable without spending hours of work