Cut your cloud spend with autonomous optimization

CAST AI takes you from oversized to optimized in minutes and keeps it that way

No credit card required. All accounts get AI benefits.

  1. Looking up your cloud provider
  2. Finding provider specific services
  3. Adjusting for the type of business
  4. Calculating potential savings

SaaS companies use CAST AI to lower their bills

1 Analyze automatically

Run an AI cluster analysis for free and get valuable insights into how optimized is your environment. You will see spot instance suitable workloads, optimal instance types, and cost/utilization data. Other companies would bill you for it. We don’t.

Rebalanced cluster cost CAST AI

2 Rebalance in minutes

We all know that recommendations do not guarantee savings. Enable Instant Rebalancing and CAST AI will seamlessly modify compute resources in real time, based on inventory availability and pricing. Without impact to your application’s availability or performance.

3 Stay optimized autonomously

Your requirements change and CAST AI follows in real time. The platform continuously rightsizes your cluster to the right type, number, and size of compute instances. Zero grunt work required – you get the savings without having to think about saving.

People love working with CAST AI

Mark Weiler
SVP of Engineering
“With CAST AI, our applications are using a more efficient combination of cloud services, and we have already reduced our annualized cloud costs by millions of dollars."

Cut the cloud spend and the grunt work. Optimize autonomously.