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Cut Cloud Costs by 50% with No Downtime #SimpleXConnect

January 28
12:00 PM GMT
1 h

CAST AI is excited to partner with Simplex Services to bring to you the next edition of #SimpleXConnect – the first of the new year – to explain how enterprises can leverage all the benefits of multi-cloud in one simple setup.

Cloud Cost Optimization

While enterprises gain advantages from migration to cloud, they pay for it by losing visibility in cost due to vendor lock-ins. Join our webinar to learn how enterprises can achieve complete cost transparency and optimise their cloud spends, while retaining infrastructural flexibility.

Launched in 2019, #SimpleXConnect is an initiative to bring the best minds in the industry together to understand the challenges, solutions, and innovations leading up to the next level of technology.


Laurent Gil

Co-Founder & CPO

Co-founder and CPO at CAST AI, Laurent is responsible for product and business development. He was co-founder and Chief Product and Business Officer at Zenedge, acquired by Oracle in 2018. Laurent was also CEO and co-founder of Viewdle, acquired by Google in 2012.