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Faster, Easier, and More Transparent Spot by NetApp Alternative – CAST AI

Get tangible Kubernetes compute bill savings within minutes with a powerful alternative to Spot by NetApp. With outstanding support, transparent pricing, and no long-term commitments.

CAST AI vs. Spot by NetApp at a glance

Complete automated Kubernetes cost management, monitoring, and security platform with transparent pricing and dedicated support.
  • CAST AI delivers tangible results with minimal configuration effort so you get custom insights for your cluster within minutes.
  • An AI engine picks the best optimization approaches for your workload’s needs, from spot instance automation to bin packing, autoscaling, and more – without unnecessary risks and long-term commitments.
Automated cloud infrastructure optimization for cost savings, enhanced performance, and security.
  • Despite using automation, the tool still requires considerable efforts and time to deliver the results. 
  • Spot by NetApp brings the most sizeable savings by applying spot instances for all types of workloads – incl. the mission-critical ones – and this is risky. Also, its use of Reserved Instances may force you unnecessarily into a long-term commitment.

CAST AI vs. Spot by NetApp: quick feature comparison

Feature CAST AI 🥇
Supported platforms
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Cost allocation and visibility
Detailed cost allocation
Automated cost forecasting
Cost reporting
Cost view across multi-cloud
Real-time alerts
Advanced cost monitoring
Cost optimization and automation
Free recommendations
Automated rightsizing implementation
Multi-shape cluster construction
Pod parameter-based autoscaling
Node autoscaling
Automatic bin packing
Spot instances
Full lifecycle automation
Capacity fallback guarantee
Security insights
Free live chat support
Dedicated Slack channel

Cloud Cost Transparency, Control, and Saving $3M on Amazon EKS

“When you start talking about those numbers, leadership cares, finance cares, they start building it into their cost projections and estimates. Even 1 or 3% of a massive AWS bill is significant. So when you say numbers like 20% people are losing their minds. And our total possible savings take that 20% closer to 60 or 70%, which translates to $3-4 million per year.”

Jason Sanghi, Staff Software Engineer at Iterable

Want to give CAST AI a go?

Get access to the essential K8s cost management features, incl. cluster-specific savings report, cost monitoring, and more – all within minutes of signing up.

Average savings


CAST AI manages your cloud resources automatically. No upfront payments or manual tracking and fiddling.


Operations count


Clusters connected


Supported regions


Distinct instance types

Features your K8s cluster will love

Free features

No CC required. Unlimited clusters.

Savings report

Connect your cluster, analyze all workloads, and get a report comparing your current and optimized infrastructure – and cut your bill by half or more.

Cost monitoring

View your cloud costs in one place, monitor them in real time, and understand where exactly they come from.

Cloud security

Get all the key cloud security insights in one place, prioritize configuration issues and vulnerabilities, and share your findings easily.

Premium Kubernetes automation
Advanced autoscaling

Depending on your workload’s needs, CAST AI adds and removes resources necessary to ensure top performance at the best price.

Instant rebalancing

Analyze and optimize your cluster automatically to enjoy improved performance at a far lower cost.

Spot instance automation

Save even 90% with spot instance automation – and have your workloads moved automatically on their termination.

Automatic rightsizing

CAST AI automatically selects the resources your workload needs, eliminating the risk of under and overprovisioning.

Fair pricing and results that your cluster will love

Discover a generous free plan and premium options to manage your costs automatically without a bias towards select few cost reduction methods.

Pay for what you use, not what you save

CAST AI charges you for the CPUs you use, not the percent of savings it helps you get – so it’s fair and caters to your actual needs.

The right optimization method at the right time

CAST AI selects the most cost and performance-efficient solution for your workload. We never force you into any specific optimization method or long-term commitments.

Want to give CAST AI a go?

Get access to the essential K8s cost management features, incl. cluster-specific savings report, cost monitoring, and more – all within minutes of signing up.