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  1. Looking up your cloud provider
  2. Finding provider specific services
  3. Adjusting for the type of business
  4. Calculating potential savings

E-commerce and adtech companies use CAST AI to cut their cloud bills

Engineers enjoy working with CAST AI

Robert Duncan
CISO, DirectLine Group
“Cloud bill management is a tough task to have. CAST AI gives you visibility and profound cloud cost optimization capabilities in a package that’s frictionless to get started with.”
Martin Le Guillou
CTO, La Fourche
“In a business like ours, you never know when you’ll need extra resources. Someone might mention your service on national TV and boom! Without any warning, you get thousands of people coming to your online store.”
Cameron Dixon
Software Architect, Snow Commerce
“CAST AI modified its platform in record time to support AWS NAT Gateways, private nodes, and VPC peering with our private database. It was really comforting to know that we’re working with a team that has a lot of experience in Kubernetes and is willing to go the extra mile to address our unique needs.”

1 A free report that saves you thousands

Connect your cluster in read-only mode to get a free in-depth savings report on your savings potential. French e-commerce company La Fourche ran our free savings report and cut 42% with it alone. Enabling automation brought the savings up to 69.9%.

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Zero grunt work required. Get significant cost reduction that beats savings plans and reserved instances without lengthy contracts. CAST AI optimizes the resources automatically without you having to keep an eye on it.

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