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  • Social Media
How the Social Giant ShareChat Plans to Save Millions While Reducing Engineer Effort With CAST A

“Any modern company which is running on Kubernetes should try CAST AI, no matter the scale of their infrastructure. The platform combines many functionalities for which one would need separate products.”

  • Mobile marketing
How Branch saved millions of dollars on its cloud bill while maintaining reliability

“Partnering with CAST AI has been a big success for Branch, saving us several millions of dollars per year in AWS Cloud compute costs for our Kubernetes clusters while maintaining our reliability SLAs.”

  • Marketing Automation
Balancing cloud cost and capacity: how OpenX autoscales spot VMs for massive cost savings

“I’d recommend CAST AI to any company. Because no matter how many clusters you have – one or a hundred – I think there is always room for improvement. Especially if your company does care about the cost of compute resources. CAST AI just simplifies so many things that would normally require special attention.”

  • Marketing Automation
Cloud Cost Transparency, Control, and Saving $3M on Amazon EKS: How Iterable Does It

“People running Kubernetes clusters that don’t utilize spot instances would benefit a lot from CAST AI – or anyone who feels like they’re overprovisioning their infra when they don’t need to be so. It’s a really unique solution.”

  • Fintech
Cost efficiency, speed, and engineer wellbeing: How the growing fintech Delio simplifies its Kubernetes management

“Managing multiple clusters and growth for new clients while keeping costs as low as possible is tricky. CAST AI fits that use case nicely. I can see it working in pretty much any organization that uses Kubernetes.”


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