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Discover a fully automated Kubernetes experience

CAST AI continuously monitors your cluster and applies changes in real-time to keep your configuration optimal.

Cloud cost optimization

Cut your K8s costs in half by having your clusters continuously tracked and optimized with features like automated scaling, provisioning, bin packing, and more.

Kubernetes cost monitoring

View all your expenses in one place, monitor them in real time, and break them down by cluster, workloads, labels, and other K8s concepts.

Workload rightsizing

Automatically adjust your workload’s requests and limits to
match its changing needs and achieve an optimal cost-performance ratio.


For any other questions, feel welcome to reach out to our team.

Which CAST AI plans are available on AWS Marketplace?

When using AWS Marketplace, you can access all CAST AI plans and private offers, incl. adjusted or discounted rates.

Do I need an AWS Marketplace account for this?

You can browse the marketplace without signing in but need an AWS account to subscribe to or purchase products.

Where will I see how much I’m being charged for CAST AI?

This fee will be separate on your AWS Billing dashboard and the final monthly invoice. CAST AI fees will show on top of your standard usage costs for all AWS resources and services.

Can I change plans with AWS Marketplace billing?

Yes, but you will need to contact our sales team, who will manage the process of switching plans for you.

  • Cut over 50% of your EKS cost
  • Monitor all your EKS expenses in one place
  • Automatically adjust your workload’s request and limits
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