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CAST AI is the leading Kubernetes automation platform that cuts AWS, Azure, and GCP customers’ cloud costs by over 50%.

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Discover a fully automated Kubernetes experience

CAST AI continuously monitors your cluster and applies changes in real-time to keep your configuration optimal.

Cloud cost optimization

Cut your K8s costs in half by having your clusters continuously tracked and optimized with features like automated scaling, provisioning, bin packing, and more.

Kubernetes cost monitoring

View all your expenses in one place, monitor them in real time, and break them down by cluster, workloads, labels, and other K8s concepts.

Workload rightsizing

Automatically adjust your workload’s requests and limits to
match its changing needs and achieve an optimal cost-performance ratio.

Join our powerful cloud ecosystem

CAST AI seamlessly integrates with key technologies, letting your customers optimize K8s cost management automatically.

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How project44 achieved 50% cost savings within a month

“The cost optimization features have a massive business impact. For any large-scale deployment, I think that it would be silly not to look into CAST AI very seriously”

Olivier Modica


How the social giant ShareChat is saving millions while reducing engineer effort

“The cluster scales up and down with the right optimized configuration when needed, ultimately saving Sharechat millions in our Kubernetes infrastructure.”

Jenson C S.

A woman is holding a ShareChat-labeled cell phone.

How Iterable saved $3M on Amazon EKS with automation and cost visibility

“Even 1 or 3% of a massive AWS bill is significant. So when you say numbers like 20% people are losing their minds. And our total possible savings take that 20% closer to 60 or 70%, which translates to $3-4 million per year.”

Jason Sanghi

A man and woman smiling, highlighting the word iterable.

How Ampeers Energy saved 33% on AKS

“After we configured everything to be in line with industry best practices, it was really just a single meeting. We pressed a button, waited for 30 minutes, and after that, everything was done. We saw a 33% cost reduction on the cluster connected to CAST AI.”

Lukas Marquardt

Ampeers Energy

How NielsenIQ saved up to 80% on cloud costs with automated node provisioning

“Anybody – from small, mid to large firms – can benefit from the cost savings CAST AI generates. It will probably pay for itself within the first month or two. And after that, it keeps saving you money.”

James O’Hare


CAST AI in the news

“Organizations often provision double the number of servers needed in the cloud. Kubernetes is the most common use case for cloud cost optimization because often developers just eyeball the amount of CPUs they need, over-provisioning just in case there’s a traffic spike.”

“The expense of keeping the [application] running goes from thousands of dollars to millions. And the reason is: over or under-provisioning of resources. The manual effort to manage the resources just doesn’t work well enough to save money.”

“What CAST AI provides is their customers’ ability to benefit from substantial cost optimization in managing their cloud expenses. CAST AI determines how much you can save, then reallocates your cloud resources in real time to hit the target with no impact on performance.”

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