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Cloud services
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Every major cloud service supported
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Use the CAST AI Cluster Cost Analyzer
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Leon Kuperman


Listen to the CAST AI Co-founder and CTO Leon Kuperman
explain how the platform works to keep your cloud bill low.

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AI for cloud cost optimization is here.

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La Fourche

Save 50%+ of your bill round the clock

French e-commerce company La Fourche ran our free EKS savings report and cut 42% with it alone. Automation brought the savings up to 69.9%.


Cloud Automation
is the new normal

Configuring cloud resources manually often results in errors that can affect your availability or performance. Solution? Cloud automation.

Available savings

Cloud compute cost


Save more than by
using savings plans

Get the best price without long-term commitments. Already on the Savings Plan? CAST AI can help to save even more.

Cost optimization used to be complicated

Imagine if AI did it for you. Start saving automatically in 3 steps:

Sign up and open your
cloud shell or terminal

Run the analysis and
get your free report

Enable CAST AI to automatically
optimize cost & performance

The smartest way to optimize your cloud bill

Perfect for companies large and small. CAST AI doesn’t require additional engineers to do the work. You start saving as soon as you turn it on.

CAST AI funding

$10M to optimize Kubernetes: CAST AI raises Series A and extends support to top 3 cloud providers

To deliver on our promise of fully automated cloud cost optimization for Kubernetes, we raised $10 million in a Series A round led by the San Francisco-based Cota Capital, with Samsung Next and other investors …

CAST AI vs. Cloudability

CAST AI vs. Cloudability: Which one to pick for cloud cost optimization?

Controlling cloud costs is one of the biggest challenges facing teams across every organization that uses the public cloud. Thankfully, they can choose from a wide range of solutions that help in cost management and …

cloud technology news september

Cloud Technology News of the Month: September 2021

Autumn is officially back, and with it another portion of fresh cloud technology news. 

This series brings you up to speed with the latest releases, acquisitions, research, and hidden gems in the world of cloud computing …

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October 21
@ 1:00 PM EDT

How to get started with Kubernetes cost optimization – Live demo

Cutting your cloud costs doesn't have to take days of digging in billing reports. An accurate estimate of your cloud cost savings takes minutes with CAST AI.
Register and reserve your spot to learn how to cut your cloud bill in half.
We will go over an experiment with application deployment and apply autonomous techniques that fiercely control and optimize the cluster. It's a 20-minute fun demo and 10-minutes of live Q&A …

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built for developers

CAST AI takes minutes to get started with and you can analyze your cluster for free to see optimization potential.
Take it for a spin.

fit for business leaders

A 15 minute call is all you need to get a savings estimate. We’ll talk through the key aspects of your cloud usage and forecast savings.