Cut your GCP cloud bill in half

AI-driven cloud optimization for Kubernetes. Instantly cut your cloud bill, prevent downtime, and 10X the power of DevOps.

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Get a free cost report for your cluster in minutes. Turn on automated optimization when you're ready.

Savings report in 3 simple steps

  1. Open your cloud shell or terminal.
  2. Run the analysis and get your report
  3. Enable CAST AI Optimizer to automatically optimize infrastructure for cost & performance.

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optimize cost

Cut the bill. Keep the performance.

AI cost control for Kubernetes infrastructure

save 46%
App matching instance shape

AI instance optimization

Get the full value from every dollar you pay. Our AI engine will select the optimal instance type every time and bin pack nodes in them. Pods will get the right CPU and memory limits set automatically.

save 50%
Auto scaling OFF
Auto scaling ON

Intelligent autoscaling

Your instances will scale up and down to adapt to load at hand. Scale to zero or on a schedule when there's no work to be done.

save 90%

Spot instance automation

Production grade spot instance support for your Kubernetes workloads. Save as much as 90% without locking yourself in with reserved instances.

optimize business continuity

Your uptime is your reputation

Guarantee business continuity even during public cloud failures

Live pod migration

Pods can move from node to node without restarting for maximum flexibility. Long running transactions and network connections will stay intact.

Active-active multi cloud

Keep going in any conditions. Your applications and data are fully replicated across multiple clouds for maximum uptime.

Global load balancing

CAST AI has built-in load balancing between multiple clouds. Your traffic gets distributed evenly and only to cloud endpoints that are up and healthy.

optimize productivity

10X the power of DevOps

Solve high-level challenges and leave the infrastructure details to us

Complete visibility

Get universal metrics for any cloud provider with Grafana and Kibana. Forecast expenses for projects, clusters, namespaces and deployments. Analyze costs down to individual microservices.

Routine task automation

Leave us the repetitive details of VMs, networks, storage, firewalls and load balancers and do the interesting work. Automate with Terraform, work in CLI or via API.

Security from ground zero

We built security into our lifecycle management from its inception. Expect encryption at rest / in transit, secrets management, network security, logging, visibility and more.

Frequently asked questions

How is CAST AI different from other tools?

CAST AI is a single cloud optimization platform for Kubernetes. We use AI to significantly reduce cloud costs, reduce the amount and complexity of tasks which DevOps have to do, and prevent downtime. All that on a single platform which is both simple to use and allows for control when you need it.

How can CAST AI save me money?

Contrary to other solutions, CAST AI takes a thorough and AI driven approach to saving you money on cloud costs. We use autoscaling of both nodes and pods, bin packing techniques, scheduling, selecting optimal instance types and automating spot instance use.

Can you reduce my cloud bill without using spot instances?

Yes, even if you currently use spot instances or can’t use them due to your workload type, we can still optimize other parts of the cloud for savings.

“CAST AI is on a mission to help you make your cloud operations more efficient wherever it's located. Perhaps with a little help, the cloud community can get those dire-looking FinOps automation numbers up - and bring some budget down.”


“As one of the leading specialists of Kubernetes in Latin America, Ingenia helps some of Latin America’s largest companies to move to the cloud. With CAST AI, we could enable our customers with cross-cloud capabilities to optimize their cloud spendings without compromises in performance.”

Gustavo Brey, Co-Founder & CGO at Ingenia

“CAST AI seems to have, rather uniquely, understood and captured the essential power and promise of Kubernetes. Its primary mission is to deliver instant cross-cloud capability while optimizing cloud cost and performance. It has optimization and arbitrage smarts – Kubernetes provides the management platform, enabling it to deploy in many places.”

451 Research

“You could use Amazon’s RDS database and Google’s ML engine, and the solution decides how to make that work based on your requirements and price. You set the policies when you are ready to launch and Cast will take care of distributing it for you in the location and providers that you desire, or that makes most sense for your application.”

Ron Miller, TechCrunch

“To drive cloud costs down seriously, you need an intelligent platform capable of selecting the right instance size and type, autoscaling your setup as needed, and managing infrastructure dependencies for you.”


“Cloud bill management is a tough task to have. CAST AI gives you visibility and profound cloud cost optimization capabilities in a package that’s frictionless to get started with.” - Robert Duncan, CISO at DirectLine Group.

Robert Duncan, CISO at DirectLine Group

“It doesn’t make sense to cut yourself off from the opportunity to save up to 90% off the on-demand price just because AWS can pull the plug on your instance with a two-minute notice.”

Cloud Computing News. net

“We are pleased to partner with CAST.AI and support our clients by providing them with the best cloud cost and performance optimization solutions. “With the increasing adoption of Kubernetes platform, we at Simplex want to ensure that software developers continue to focus on their applications, while we empower the customers to remove cloud complexity using automation”, said Mohit Bajaj, Executive Director, Strategy and Consulting, Simplex Services.

Mohit Bajaj, Executive Director, Strategy and Consulting, Simplex Services

“Analyzing a cloud bill manually is difficult and time-consuming because each service has its own billing metric and cost insights are spread around the CSP console. This is where automation can help.”


“Many of our customers are telling us that multi-cloud has become a core strategy to avoid vendor lock-in, reduce cloud costs, and diversify cloud providers. Now they can finally control their cloud costs in a single platform.”

Alan Dumas, CEO of Red River